Tuesday, October 25, 2011

pumpkin patchery.

it's true.
i, along with basically everyone else,
have an outrageous crush on fall.

what's not to adore?
warm clothes.
the colors.
the crisp air.
scary stories.
scary movies. (man do i get myself into a pickle every year with loving scary flicks
but then being so scared afterward that i lose sleep for days...and by days i mean weeks)

parties. (insert my dear friend noey and her annual off-the-hizzle party...i know, i'll never say that again, i swear)

and then there's the pumpkin patch.
we race around the haystack maze
then race to find the perfect pumpkins;
all the while talking in our british accents
as we chat about which pumpkin is the best.
(i may or may not secretly hope that someone there
thinks my accent is authentic)

i just love every bit of it.
but especially the two boys i get to share it with.

happy pumpkin patching, folks!

Monday, October 3, 2011


i couldn't love this couple more!
true. love.