Sunday, May 23, 2010

p is for pierce.

he and bennett get together
every wednesday...sometimes
even more often than that.

oh, the fun we have.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Bestowal

We're at the DI, and I'm paroozing through the mens shoes.
Of course, nothing comes up.
How am I supposed to compete with all the young kids
with nothing but DI shopping time on their hands?
So I went back to playing with Bennett in the rancid toy aisle.

Later on, we're together with Catie near the shoe rack and I take a seat.
And what do I find staring me in the face?

Size 12, Reebok pumps, WITH LIGHTS.
And titled on the inside of the tongue? - "the Twilight Zone".
A tiny miracle happened that day, and it was just for me.

(Glamor shots by Rachel Coleman photography)

Monday, May 10, 2010

the launch.

goodbye montauk motion pictures.
hello life file videos.
the most current, whitty , sincere, clever, stylish
video production company ever to be.

dave has launched his new website and blog
i can't even describe how great it is...

take a peek, i guarantee it will
put a smile on your face...
and probably have you laughing your guts out.

(ps if any of you sexy people have
been kind enough to put dave's
business on your side bar or blog roll, please
change it to life file videos to share the awesomeness...
and to you sexy people i say this: thank you.
because the support from people that
we love is simply priceless)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

because i'm a mom...

i see the world differently now.
my testimony has grown stronger than
i ever knew it could.
i know true, unconditional love.
i am the kind of happy that doesn't end.
i know what's really important to me.
i realize i know next to nothing about raising children

(just thinking about when bennett is a teenager gives me the "uh-oh" feeling)
i'm okay with being peed on puked on...all of the above.

i am a mom. a grateful, flawed, overly worried,
hopeful, faithful, head over heels for my baby, mom...

all because of him...

and wouldn't be near the parent i am, if it weren't for him...

i have everything i need. happy mothers day to me.

and happy mothers day to my little lady
who taught me love, real beauty, sincerity
and patience...the woman is drenched in patience. you are what being a mom is all about.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Chocolate Pop

Look who's bloggin now. I am.
This is Dave by the way.

Check out my son. His name is Bennett.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


it is with heavy heart that i
let all of you know that my
sweet little konica minolta maxxum 7D
camera, bit the dust.

some of you may have noticed
my blogging both sucks and blows lately,
perhaps it is part of my grieving process...
and who wants to blog without posting
an awesome little picture?

i, so lovingly, referred to her
as "special k". we had the greatest
times together. and whenever i am
able to replace* the old girl, just know that
no fancy schmancy camera could ever
fill her shoes.

special k, you will hold a sweet little
place in my heart (this may seem like
i'm being silly...but it couldn't be
a more true statement)

*anyone want to donate $3200??
don't judge, a girl can always dream.
this would be a really great time
to be friends with oprah.