Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Bestowal

We're at the DI, and I'm paroozing through the mens shoes.
Of course, nothing comes up.
How am I supposed to compete with all the young kids
with nothing but DI shopping time on their hands?
So I went back to playing with Bennett in the rancid toy aisle.

Later on, we're together with Catie near the shoe rack and I take a seat.
And what do I find staring me in the face?

Size 12, Reebok pumps, WITH LIGHTS.
And titled on the inside of the tongue? - "the Twilight Zone".
A tiny miracle happened that day, and it was just for me.

(Glamor shots by Rachel Coleman photography)


Lindsey said...

Hellz yes! Every now and then a miracle happens...with the hair and the kicks, you're golden!

Spencer said...

Thanks for the props. Glad we could help you share your miracle with the world :)

dave, catie, and baby "b" said...

just when i thought you couldn't get any hotter...

Anonymous said...

You know what these would go great with?.. Your white karate sweat pants.

Noelle said...

You definitely scored! With lights eh? Don't think I've ever seen adult shoes with lights..

Rachel said...


Laura G said...

Tyson: "Oh sweet day in the morning!"