Sunday, February 28, 2010


or at least how this kiddo does it.

this is also, coincidentally, what he does with
'ring around the rosie' and the alphabet.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

rain boots and basketball.

insists on wearing his rain boots,
even when we play basketball...

and yes, the hoop is our emptied
out laundry hamper.

Monday, February 22, 2010

l o v e.

love mary.
love andrew.
love this video...and the guy who made it.
you know...dave.
man, do i have to spell
everything for you guys?

(p.s. i love the very looks like she's
waking up from the sweetest dream. okay mar,

i'll quit saying that now.)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

thanksgiving point.

with his little friend preston...
and my little friend sarah.

they sort of went wild for the horses...
could've watched them all day.

thanks to the teares for a lovely day.

a few extras:

saw an airplane

was terrified of the geese

laid quietly on the ground because he didn't want to leave

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

what catie hearts.

i l o v e when people
post lists of their favorite get the idea.

so without further ado...
the list(links included for most):

favorite mascara:
lash stiletto

(yes i was completely drawn to it
by the commercials...does this make
me a consumer whore? maybe, but the
honest to goodness truth is that
i bought. i tried. i loved...and still love.)

favorite lotion:
arbonne swiss skin care's
ginger citrus body butter

i use this, and only this.
it's unbelievably creamy,
it smells like heaven and every time i
put it on (which is every day) i can
literally feel my skin thanking me...
they only sell it at christmas time
(oh how they tease me)so i stock up.
oh, and it's all natural...vegan...yada yada.

favorite blog:
lots to choose from but i
truly adore:

favorite recipe:
white bean and chicken soup
it's fairly healthy, it's easy to make,
it's got a kick, and most importantly
it will make your taste buds sing...opera style.
email me if you want the recipe: catiepilk@gmail

favorite boys:
dave and b
ha ha.
but seriously 'em.

favorite perfume:
'shanghai butterfly' by nanette lapore

favorite second hand store:
second hand chic
9th east & about 2100 south in
good old salt lake city.
(i purchased my lovely green couch
from purchase ever.)

favorite song:
currently - "what a little moonlight can do"
-billie holiday
(makes me feel like a flapper)

favorite guilty pleasure song:
(feel free to judge me, dave does.)
"imma be"
-black eyed peas

(just practicing my pop n' lockin'
for noelle's dance party)

favorite face wash:
actually i love the entire line
(moisturizer, eye cream, cleanser etc..)
arbonne swiss skin care's 'FC5'
(i skin care, ooh la la...but let me just say
that it literally smells like you're washing your face
with fresh strawberries...not the gross artifical stuff...
real. fresh. strawberries.
perhaps because they really do use true fruit cell extracts...
gotta love those swiss hippies, they know their stuff.)
and my mom is a buyer so i can get KILLER discounts from her.

favorite cleaner:
caldrea's all purpose surface spray
scent: sea salt neroli

smells so clean
and the bottle is cute
(sent this to my sis in
germany and she raved)

there you have it...
i want to know
everyone's favorites...
ready?...go!(or make a lengthy list on your blog)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

dave, guess what?

and don't you forget it, ya hear?

and to add to the brilliance of our lovely love day...
it was bennett's first day making it through ALL
of nursery by himself...exactly one month from his first day.
(so happy i wanted to high five all the girls
in relief society as i walked in)

love my davey.
love my b boy.
thanks for giving me all the love in the world.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

well read.

i came into his room and he had made himself comfy
on his couch, with a good book.

he's an intense reader and didn't notice me
right away...but when he did finally notice he
promptly shut the book and threw it across the room...
apparently he's not down with the paparazzi.

(i sure do love how much he loves to read)


my sweet little friend, molly,
started a new blog called

"a year of homemade giving"

it's clever.
it's cute.

it helps your pocket book
(who doesn't need that)
but more importantly...
i think she's swell.

so, in the spirit of

homemade giving i
to make he
r a little
blog header to
help her
kick off the

thanks for the inspiration, molls.

head on over to
get some fabulous ideas.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

the last to know.

sometimes dave doesn't think it's important
to tell me when the biggest bride blog
in utah features him.

i had to find out from other people that saw it...
and like a month later.

so....belated congrats to davey for being featured
as one of the best videographers in utah on
"utah bride blog"...check it out here.

oh...and, i forgive you for not shouting
it from the roof tops like i would most definitely do...

so proud.

Friday, February 5, 2010

mary + andrew

dave's sister got married yesterday.

it was hands down, the
most lovely
wedding of all time.
i do not exaggerate.

mary is in love with andrew,
and we're kind of head
over heels for him too.

here's their marvelous video:

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm really into ringtones

I can assign songs to my contacts now.
My wife and brother said, "that is so 5 years ago."

So far, the list is as follows:

Mike Pilkington - China Girl by David Bowie
Catalina Pilkington - Walking on a Dream by Empire of the Sun
Don Heath - Walking in Memphis by Cher
Spencer and Rachel Coleman - Turn your lights down low by Lauryn Hill and Bob Marley
Scott Taylor - Everything in its right place - Radiohead

If you have a request for the song that shall accompany your phone calls to me,
do let me know.

Monday, February 1, 2010

if he was president

he'd pass a law to ban all clothes...
naked = happy...crazy...shrieking superbaby.