Sunday, August 28, 2011

mud fight.

we were harmlessly
painting things outside with mud...
and then little bennett thought
it would be hi. larious.
to smear mud all over my face
and watch me shriek in disgust.

don't think just because he's three
i went easy on him, either...
you'll only see playful little
streaks of mud because
i hid the camera away and then the mud
really started to fly...

Friday, August 12, 2011

step aside, august...

july did, in fact, happen around
our parts... and this is what it looked like:

july 4th:

-family time.
-grilled corn.
-dave dressed as bruce springsteen
and i in my pink wig...that's patriotic , no?

july 14th:

the kiddo turned 3 and that included
a special birthday breakfast
a crown (which he totally didn't appreciate...sigh)
a water party with his sweet kiddo friends
a 'sword in the stone' re-enactment
aaaaaaand a thomas cake...that's right. you better believe that little bennett
was be. side. himself with glee. (thanks, miss noey...could you be anymore talented? you're amazing.)

july 22nd:

this handsome chap also had a birthday.
look at his face...what a hard core birthday boy.
lucky to be loving you, that's for sure.

long story short.
july was great around here...
as you were, august.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

words that aren't words but should be...

simply because i used them at one point or another
and stood embarrassed and corrected when someone heard me:

"scrame" (because it sounds more correct to me than screamed)

"eleventeen" (before you judge me...just say it once...
it sounds right to you too, doesn't it?)

(you didn't know it wasn't a word either? well it isn't...
it's just "across"...simple and true.

so, perhaps my english could use a little help.