Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

brandon + megan

as per my last post
dave had a wedding
last week and the
groom was a dear friend
of ours...and, hands down,
one of the nicest people
i've ever known.

it was super fun
to do the video
and i can't tell
you how proud i am
of dave...he really
know's how to film
the couple as themselves.
(which is evident when
you watch the bride,
megan was a hoot!)
and there is such
a sweet little antique
feel that makes
all his videos timeless.

every new video he
does always ends up
being my
without further ado...

check out my newest
favorite video


if you have good
taste at all
you'll heart it
just as much as i do.

Monday, May 18, 2009

bountiful temple

davey had a wedding
last saturday

i took some
pictures for fun.

the flowers were
amazingly beautiful.

here's one with the
groom and his niece.
i thought it was sweet.

Monday, May 11, 2009


we just got back
from a fabulous
trip to disneyland
and newport beach,
with dave's lovely family.

i'm embarrassed
to admit this, but
i now understand when
people say how
"magical" disneyland
is...last year was my
very first time
going and i was
almost eight months
pregnant...not so

this time we got to
do everything
and even better,
we had little bennett
with us which made
it even more fun.

hotel: right across
the street.
food: yummy
(how could it not
be if it's shaped
like mickey mouse ears?)
family: hilarious
and so fun to
vacation with.
the beach: fantastic
even though i swallowed
a gallon of sea water.
disneyland: magical
(i almost teared up
when tinkerbell came
flying out during the

little b had lots
of favorites on
the trip also:
the dancing parade,
going on rides with
"gamma & gammpa",
gazing at sam (he adores sam)
being buried in the
sand...and eating
the sand...several

thanks, van and betsy,
for a super fun trip!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Live to Eat

Food seems to taste better and better to me as I get older.

Last night, we had vegetarian pizza from The Pie- best pizza I've ever had.
Today for lunch, I had pollo al opal at the Red Iguana- Amazing meal. Who knew cactus would become my favorite new food?
Then tonight, my parents took our family out to Market Street Grill- A veritable smorgasbord of delicious dining.

This goes along with a conversation we recently had. What are the best restaurants in Salt Lake City?

1. Royal India
2. Ichiban
3. Market Street Grill
4. Red Iguana
5. Rodizios
6. The Pie

Catie said that I said this tonight: "Food is sooo good. Not all food is good. Some food is not good. But when food is good, it is sooo good."

for all the "lost" fans

this is ben, from lost,
reading a nursery rhyme
so so funny.

thanks, cory!