Friday, May 1, 2009

Live to Eat

Food seems to taste better and better to me as I get older.

Last night, we had vegetarian pizza from The Pie- best pizza I've ever had.
Today for lunch, I had pollo al opal at the Red Iguana- Amazing meal. Who knew cactus would become my favorite new food?
Then tonight, my parents took our family out to Market Street Grill- A veritable smorgasbord of delicious dining.

This goes along with a conversation we recently had. What are the best restaurants in Salt Lake City?

1. Royal India
2. Ichiban
3. Market Street Grill
4. Red Iguana
5. Rodizios
6. The Pie

Catie said that I said this tonight: "Food is sooo good. Not all food is good. Some food is not good. But when food is good, it is sooo good."


dave and catie said...

wiser words have never been spoken.

love, me

Anonymous said...

I just envisioned Dave kneeling by the pie breadsticks and looking like he had just tasted a piece of heaven.

Also- food is my drug of choice. It rarely lets me down.

the pilks said...

if you think food tastes better as you get older, just wait until bennett gets older.
that's when it gets real good.
today for lunch i had some goldfish crackers and jack's leftover mashed banana. fine dining.

also, i challenge your indian pick...have you tried bombay house? divine.

Bukran said...

I protest. Best Burger is surely in the top three!

Lisa said...

Coconut Flan at Cafe Rio, that is good food!
Also, there is an amazing Thai place that we go to, Amy introduced us. Amazing!!

Michelle Earnest said...

Why isn't Pace's on the list...that is what I crave most! But really, look up Francks (in Holladay) yummy!!!