Thursday, June 23, 2011

this kid.

who's got two green thumbs and is
obsessed with watering the flowers...(almost to the point of drowing them)?

this kid.

we couldn't be happier about spending all of our time
outside in the wonderful hot weather.

in addition, me and b got snow cones with his beloved
uncle sammy yesterday...who knew snow cones could be
a religious experience? awww yeah.

Sunday, June 5, 2011


before i met you,
i never really imagined myself married...
(i honestly think i thought i'd just die, or something, after that's grim)
never imagined having a squishy baby and starting a family...
never knew i'd find someone as
wise, honest, funny, horrible at accents, compassionate,
alarmingly good at mafia, and happy as you...
never knew i'd be lucky enough to get to experience it all
with a guy that i'm crazy about...
the image of my future was much different than what it is now...
i'm so happy you changed all of that.

"a hundred hearts would be too few
to carry all my love for you."
~author unknown

happy anniversary, mr. pilky

Thursday, June 2, 2011

teacher. mother. secret lover.

...okay, maybe not "secret lover"
but i totally have a girl crush on
jo frost...that's right, the one and
only super nanny.

the truth is, i pretty much have a
"girl crush" on all my lovely friends...
but this gal has no idea i exist...weird? a little.

not only do i love and agree with her
fantastic discipline techniques, i think she's
such a lovely lady and want nothing more
than to be one of her pals...and tell her
i adore her.

in addition, i can safely say i've cried in
almost every episode i've watched...
and i may or may not talk in a
british accent every time i'm disciplining
little bennett boy. yep. and it's a good british accent, too.

okay, that's enough embarrassment
for one day,

the end.