Thursday, June 2, 2011

teacher. mother. secret lover.

...okay, maybe not "secret lover"
but i totally have a girl crush on
jo frost...that's right, the one and
only super nanny.

the truth is, i pretty much have a
"girl crush" on all my lovely friends...
but this gal has no idea i exist...weird? a little.

not only do i love and agree with her
fantastic discipline techniques, i think she's
such a lovely lady and want nothing more
than to be one of her pals...and tell her
i adore her.

in addition, i can safely say i've cried in
almost every episode i've watched...
and i may or may not talk in a
british accent every time i'm disciplining
little bennett boy. yep. and it's a good british accent, too.

okay, that's enough embarrassment
for one day,

the end.


the conleys said...

I love Jo too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Noelle said...

You know we share this little girl crush. She is fantastic. I want to be like her when I grow up.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

Now scoot along Bennett or I'll paddle your knickers...

Melanie said...

Oh Geeesh! You are fantastc! I too Freakn LOVE Jo. I have wished on more than one occasion she would come over to my house! After she makes my 2 1/2 year old happy jax mind perfectly, we would sneak in a couple margeritas (during naptime OFCOURSE) & she would tell me about all her wild true self. Ya know the chick has a lil crazy side. Ya know she does! Hahahaaa... that's my dream date w/ Miss Jo! Oh Lordy, I need a filter! Lol

happy me said...

Catie!!! I LOVE Jo!
To be hugged and missed by every kid she's ever worked with is high praise; kids see the true inside people.

And those photos in the 'Looky Look'? Stop it. Really. Just stop it.* ;)

Debra @ apm

*gorgeous as usual.

Rachael Patterson said...

I love Jo as well, and I don't even have kids. She has helped me so much in the professional world!!! We need to have more Jo's in the world!

the fellers said... it!!!