Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Nintendo Power

As I'm sure most of you did, I grew up on the Original Nintendo Entertainment System. I had Nintendo pajamas, ate nintendo cereal, and I even watched the short lived Mario Brothers and Zelda cartoon series.

As an attempt to return to my childhood, I now collect these old games. I am the proud owner of over 100 of the best game cartridges.

I wanted to pose the question to all readers, what are your favorite nintendo games from your childhood?

Mine are as follows: (this was a very difficult task mind you)

1) The Legend of Zelda - the most important game in all of role-playing history.

2) Mike Tyson's Punch Out - where you racistly take on notorious opponents like the Japanese slugger "Piston Honda"; the Turkish drunk, "Soda-Pop-inski"; and the pretty-boy, Spanish-born, "Don Flamingo".

3) Contra - or "Contwa" as I first called it.

4) Ninja Gaiden - or "Ninja Dragon" as you Americans would say. Although it is nearly impossible to beat, its sequel "Ninja Gaiden II - the Dark Sword of Chaos" is even more difficult.

5) Tetris II - a lesser known competitive puzzle game whose rules are still a mystery to me.

Some of the runners up were: Dr Mario, Micro Machines, Maniac Mansion, Bubble Bobble, River City Ransom, and Mario 2.

Games not considered: Silent Service, Advanced Dungeons and Dragons "Heroes of the Lance", The Mafat Conspiracy (sequel to Golgo 13), Golgo 13, Iron Sword, and Micky Mousecapades. All of which are terrible games.

post traumatic stress

my title may be
a tad dramatic

but let me give
you a glimpse of
just how freaked
our little pervy
friend (peeping
juan) made me.

i couldn't bring
myself to shower for
four days...that's
right, four. days.

i finally broke down
and covered our entire
window with aluminum
foil...classy, yes?

even standing in
the tub fully clothed,
covering it up in
broad daylight
gave me the uh-oh

oh and please take
notice of our splendid
pink tile...i heart it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

six mumfers

if you think this is going to
be some cheesy post about how
wonderful and perfect and
sweet and smart and funny
and handsome our baby
that can do no wrong is...

then you're right!

little b boy is six months
we can't believe how fast

he's growing and learning

he can sit up on his own

loves loves loves bath time

(or as we think he would pronounce
it: "baff time")

loves when he ge
ts to ride
on davey daddy's shoulders

is a great sleeper

he also:

started trying solid foods
babbles and laughs and screams with excitement
knows his favorite toy (baby paper...thanks tycee)
can hold on to edges and stay standing
is great for babysitters: mom & dad, betsy,
aunt debbie and cory (thank you!)
and he's hands down the sweetest and the cutest
baby. sigh...we're in love.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Peeping Juan

It is 3:30 in the morning right now and we are both totally awake. Why you ask?

So Catie was showering before she came to bed in our bathroom whose window faces the street. All of the sudden, I hear her yell and hit the window as she calls my name. She says, "someone is looking at me!"

This absolute freak, with his nose basically up against the textured window, is staring at her and doesn't even attempt to run away. I get dressed and run out to see this guy and he is just moseying around the corner and doesn't respond to me. Then Catie comes out and starts yelling every word you can think of at him- still he doesn't respond.

Then, he slowly waddles on down the street to a gas station where we have the police come pick him up.

Long story short- creepy dude lives to peep another day, and we have Salt Lake's finest to thank. Apparently 3 witnesses, clearly defined footprints, and a surveillance camera "isn't enough evidence".

Just in case any of you happen to see a short, hispanic dude with totally bloodshot eyes staring at you inches away from your bathroom window, be sure to pull out your video camera, ask him to show two valid forms of ID, grab as many random strangers as you can from off the street for later questioning, then rub a cotton swab on the inside of the perpetrators cheek.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

3 Important Questions - posted by Dave

1) Would you ever go sky diving?

2) Would you ever go bungee jumping?

3) Which do you consider more dangerous?

Now if you answered yes to question #1 or 2, in what countries, other than the United States, would you attempt these activities?

Its very important that I get several answers to these questions because i need to prove somebody wrong.