Saturday, January 24, 2009

Peeping Juan

It is 3:30 in the morning right now and we are both totally awake. Why you ask?

So Catie was showering before she came to bed in our bathroom whose window faces the street. All of the sudden, I hear her yell and hit the window as she calls my name. She says, "someone is looking at me!"

This absolute freak, with his nose basically up against the textured window, is staring at her and doesn't even attempt to run away. I get dressed and run out to see this guy and he is just moseying around the corner and doesn't respond to me. Then Catie comes out and starts yelling every word you can think of at him- still he doesn't respond.

Then, he slowly waddles on down the street to a gas station where we have the police come pick him up.

Long story short- creepy dude lives to peep another day, and we have Salt Lake's finest to thank. Apparently 3 witnesses, clearly defined footprints, and a surveillance camera "isn't enough evidence".

Just in case any of you happen to see a short, hispanic dude with totally bloodshot eyes staring at you inches away from your bathroom window, be sure to pull out your video camera, ask him to show two valid forms of ID, grab as many random strangers as you can from off the street for later questioning, then rub a cotton swab on the inside of the perpetrators cheek.


Heather said...

That is so creepy.

Anonymous said...

That is CRAZY! You poor dear. I was flashed by a guy and to this day I am still creeped out by creepy men. I would be outrageously mad that the police did nothing!! ARGH!!!

Stephanie-jean Weber said...

Oh my gosh! I am so sorry that happened to you, that is totally creepy!

Lisa said...

eeew! creepy! icky dirty old men, that is just nasty!
Thanks for the advise on getting the 2 forms of ID,lol, who knew?

Rich said...

As frightened and upset as I am about that experience, I can't help but laugh at the clever name for the post. Peeping Juan! Ha!

Alina D. said...

I can't believe you caught me! I thought my mustache was pretty convincing.

Really though, that is terrifying! I will be on neighborhood watch and circle your apartment complex once a night.