Wednesday, June 25, 2008

baby shower week

i was lucky enough to get 3, count 'em 3
baby showers last week:
bennett family shower: hilarious, i love dave's
cousins and aunts, they are so funny and
down to earth, i'm so blessed to be a part of their
family. thank you thank you for everything!
girl friend shower: all my girl friends from
highschool and up were much fun to
catch up...such cute clothes and helpful
gifts for a new girls are too good to me.
work shower: the fabulous ladies i work with threw
me a shower, hosted by dr. reading. not only did they
give me the much needed carseat along with a fantastic
brunch which we ate outside on her patio, but we went
swimming after! that's right, swimming in a nice cool
swimming pool under the blistering sun...(boys not
invited) i was in pregnant girl heaven.

what's this picture, you ask?
well it just so happens that for the girl

friend shower i made a pregnant belly
cake. i can't take all the credit,
cory helped me. i used a soccer ball cake
mold for the tummy and what did i use for
the chest?...well this is kind of how it went:

me: i got these disposable little pot pie
tins we can use.

cory: wait! i have a mold we can use
(by this time she's pulled out a
cake mold that is the exact shape
of a womans chest, from her cupboard
and is handing it to me)

me: (confused look on my face)....
why do you have....

cory: (awkward shifty eyes) i'll get out
the eggs....

okay so that's not exactly how it went,
but who just happens to have this kind
of cake mold lying around the kitchen?
cory willey that's who...and it's
because this girl is always prepared...
especially when we're having one
of our craft nights...we always seem
to have what we need. (cory, you're the
best thanks for co-hosting my lovely

shower with cute debbie.)

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Top 10 Worst Junk Foods - by David Pilkington

I need to make this clear:
This entry is dedicated to the worst tasting junk food. The kind that you regret eating, halfway into it.
Not the least nutritious junk food.

Alternative Titles:
Top 10 foods I wish I hadn't eaten.
Top 10 foods not worth the calories.

I'm doing this because I had a very bad experience this weekend with a previously unknown snack treat. I now feel it my duty to warn you.

10. Skittles - The ultimate candy which you liked when you were 6, but now notice how gross it is. Even Richard Keeler, the former crowned king of Skittles, admits to this.

9. Popcorn Jelly Bellys - We had a Costco-sized bucket of Jelly Bellys on our last road trip. A battle ensued over who could make the worst combination of Jelly bean. Popcorn inevitably showed up in every submission.

8. The black and orange wrapped generic Halloween candy - given out only by the most frugal of neighbors. I wonder if they have ever tried this candy themselves.

7. Hostess Fruit Pies - I just remember wanting to like them because my Grandparents did. They seem like the most adult of junk foods.

6. Circus Peanuts - While these may be up higher on your list, I think they deserve some credit for existing for this long.

5. Peeps - Only fun in the microwave, not in the mouth.

4. Puffy Generic Yellow Cheetos - My good friend Nate Soules once sneaked a 10 pound bag of these things inside his trenchcoat into a movie theater.

3. Snowballs - I think it is because when you bite down, the breaking-point comes much later than you expect. You're left wondering, what is underneath all of these bright pink coconut flakes?

2. Flaming Hot Funnions - As if the funnion wasn't bad enough already.

1. Oreo Cakesters - The purpose for this entry. Catie says they just put out this product to snag the impulsive and curious buyer.
My issue with the Cakester is that it tastes the same with the wrapper on as it does unwrapped.

Honorable mentions:
Necco Wafers
Strawberry Shasta
Mustard Ghardettos
Milky Way

pilkington iron chef

my brother and sister-in-law
stayed with us this weekend.
spencer and dave pulled out
their amazing cooking skills
and made indian good!

rachel and i didn't help much...we
dozed in and out of sleep while
watching planet earth.
thanks for the fantastic meal boys
bobby flay definitely
has some new competition.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

pregnant belly

so i have been trying to avoid getting
my picture taken while i've been pregnant...
i haven't exactly felt like a supermodel lately
but my sweet friend, heather, lives far away
and hasn't seen me in here ya go
me in all my pregnant belly glory i made
them black and white thinking it would make
me look less....huge...i should just lighten up.
this first one is of me at about 6mo. along

this next one i took today, i'm 33
weeks...actually i'm 34 weeks
because the doctor bumped me
up but just in case i carry late,
then i won't be as disappointed...
it makes sense in my mind.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

craft time

i have the nicest friends
they are throwing me a baby shower
cory willey has headed up the
invitation portion and i wanted
to help so this week we got all
sorts of creative and made
invitations for my shower...
we were pretty proud of ourselves
all i have to say is have you ever
seen cooler baby shower invitations?
i think not. we're thinking of
going into the business.

Friday, June 6, 2008


june 5th was our one year anniversary
i can't believe it's already been a year
yet it also seems like so long ago that
we were driving to nauvoo to get married.
i wanted to highlight my sweet
husband, davey, for this special
time,so i was thinkin
g of a few
things that i, and others, know
and appreciate about him:

his would recognize it
anywhere and know instantly it was him

his unique style in clothes, music, movies
etc....he can make anything look cool

his big heart...he'd do anything for those he loves

his competitive side....anyone who has
ever played him at a nintendo game knows
exactly what i mean

his natural talent for making movies

his loyalty to his loved ones
and to his standards

his sense of there anyone funnier?

his beautiful singing voice...he'd never
admit it, but he knows how good he is

i love you sweet davey
i'm the luckiest girl in the world.

this video is one of dave's many wonderful
creations and it's footage of this passed
year that we've been makes me
think of how blessed we are to have each other
and the many friends and family in our
lives...and fun little reminders of our first
apartment, family parties, davey's jaw surgery, and
of course our sweet little baby that's on his way.

you can see a better higher quality version at