Friday, June 6, 2008


june 5th was our one year anniversary
i can't believe it's already been a year
yet it also seems like so long ago that
we were driving to nauvoo to get married.
i wanted to highlight my sweet
husband, davey, for this special
time,so i was thinkin
g of a few
things that i, and others, know
and appreciate about him:

his would recognize it
anywhere and know instantly it was him

his unique style in clothes, music, movies
etc....he can make anything look cool

his big heart...he'd do anything for those he loves

his competitive side....anyone who has
ever played him at a nintendo game knows
exactly what i mean

his natural talent for making movies

his loyalty to his loved ones
and to his standards

his sense of there anyone funnier?

his beautiful singing voice...he'd never
admit it, but he knows how good he is

i love you sweet davey
i'm the luckiest girl in the world.

this video is one of dave's many wonderful
creations and it's footage of this passed
year that we've been makes me
think of how blessed we are to have each other
and the many friends and family in our
lives...and fun little reminders of our first
apartment, family parties, davey's jaw surgery, and
of course our sweet little baby that's on his way.

you can see a better higher quality version at


Stephanie-jean Weber said...

OH MY GOSH! That was such a sweet video! Dave, you have such an amazing talent! I made Dan watch some of your other videos last night! Congrats on your one your anniversary! We are so glad that we have gotten to know you guys over the past year! We hope there are many more years of friendship in our future!

Anonymous said...

Well, that was quite adorable. You guys are the best and I love you both:) I hope you have a great anniversary. Hey Catie, didn't I just talk to you on the pooper phone? Hmmm...

Happy Anniversary!

Lynsi Lou! said...

That video was so amazing, you guys are such a cute couple. You can tell how much fun that you two have together! I am glad Devin and I got to come to the blessing, the baby is adorable! Good luck with everything, you guys are two awesome people!

dave&catie said...

lynsi you are adorable...and if you ever check back to this comment, i hope i see you at the halloween party this year...i have the pics i took of you and dev on bennett's shower. you're a total babe.

love catie