Saturday, May 31, 2008


so this is our blog...
i'm not exactly computer savvy
but i got through the whole blog setting up process
with a little help on the title
from davey and my fun little
gal pal cory willey

i'm currently 31 weeks along with our first
little baby
. we're going to name him bennett but
are struggling
with a middle name, so here's the deal
we're goin
g to have a contest
d whoever has a middle name
they think we should use, post it.
the winner will receive 1 million dollars
in unmarked bills, and the honor of naming


woggy said...

catie! i'm so glad you have a blog. you and dave are super cute. can't wait to read your updates!


Matt said...

I have a middle name for you, and it's worth the million.... Leon! It's a sweet middle name! There's always Floyd though, which is equally awesome! When's the little guy coming?

Dan Weber said...
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Dan Weber said...

Stephanie thinks that a one syllable name would be good for a middle name, but I don't like that. I think Michelangelo would be a good choice. It flows well. Plus with a name like that you can get really mad at him too often

Anonymous said...

I've Got it! ***Anferny*** Bennett Anferny Pilkington. I'm still a little T.O.'d that you didn't name him Cory. Its cool though. Theres always the next unborn.

mom&dad said...

hi catie and dave, i think a good middle name is porter rockwell...sleep on it, you may like it.

love dad