Saturday, August 29, 2009

heather + todd

not many
things beat
going to see
one of your
best friends
get married,
but knowing
she married
a true gentlemen
comes close.

couldn't be
happier for you
miss heather.


::a peek at
the day
and the
video ever::

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

luckiest junior high kids ever

our sweet davey
started his
student teaching
this semester,
so mr. b and i
thought it
only fair
to send him
off in the
proper fashion:

a homemade
banner made with
100% l.o.v.e

a hot breakfast

and a superman
lunchbox filled
with food fit
for a king...
perhaps that's
a tad over the top...
pb&j doesn't
exactly scream
royalty, but we
did include the
usual love note.

what kid wouldn't
love to have you
for a teacher?
we are so proud!

knock 'em dead
mr. pilky

Monday, August 24, 2009

the oregon coast

what could
make a
trip to
to see one of
my dearest
friends get
even better?

driving down
the oregon
coast after!
(film of

will soon


that's right

folks, we
had the

of driving
down the
oregon coast
and boy did
we have a jolly
good time.

we stopped in

cannon beach
& tillamook

cannon beach
was our

why yes,

there were
swings on

the beach

we celebrated

davey's birthday
early, and the
kind people

of cannon beach
do not skimp
on a birthday
treat as
you can plainly
see by the

of brownie
ice creamy
gooey goodness
before us...

and it's not
just a clever

it was, indeed,
furiously good.

cutest. shops. ever.

the famous

"no one
around to take
our pic so
attempt to

do it

the tillamook
(for our
silly "tour"

video, go

mr. b
the salty
sea air.

who knew
tree farms
could be

so cool?
further more,
who knew
there were
tree farms?
not us.

wish you
were here.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

another movie review...

slightly more wordy.

julie & julia

oh! be still
my heart, i
loved this
tasty flick!

my lovely
mother in-law,
took the girls
to a late night
showing after
our babies
were kissed
and tucked in bed...
even better.

i think i'm
going to just
talk like
julia child
from now on

with that
shrill tone.

meryl streep
you knocked
my socks off...
i heart you.

bon apetit

Sunday, August 16, 2009

catie's un-wordy movie review

500 days of summer

loved it
loved it
loved it

this might
be my
favorite scene
because of
the classic
'hall and oats'

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Music Video

Did you or anyone you know do something really bizarre as a kid that you can't fully explain?

I put peanut butter on my feet
My friend nunked in his own playschool hut
My brother ran away multiple times with his boyscout shirt on
My little brother Danny continued to play with matches while I was chasing him

Friday, August 7, 2009

the ol' pilkington stink eye

watch out
for it...
'cause it'll
stop you
dead in
your tracks.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

moab with mi familia

we went to
moab in may
with my

there were:

cute cabins

rock climbing


down the
colorado river...
(where dave and i
may or may not have
gotten stuck in
a rapid...i panicked...
thought i was going
to die...made dave
say a prayer...
point is, we're fine)

aside from my
dramatic meltdown
while kyaking
we had ourselves
a splendid time.

and bennett
thought the
swings and
swimming pool
next to our
cabins were
pretty sweet too.

thanks mom and dad!