Tuesday, August 25, 2009

luckiest junior high kids ever

our sweet davey
started his
student teaching
this semester,
so mr. b and i
thought it
only fair
to send him
off in the
proper fashion:

a homemade
banner made with
100% l.o.v.e

a hot breakfast

and a superman
lunchbox filled
with food fit
for a king...
perhaps that's
a tad over the top...
pb&j doesn't
exactly scream
royalty, but we
did include the
usual love note.

what kid wouldn't
love to have you
for a teacher?
we are so proud!

knock 'em dead
mr. pilky


Anonymous said...

Wow! Good luck! Student teaching pretty much takes over your life. Early mornings, late night, sick kids, having to go work sick... But, it's worth it in the end!

the fellers said...

oh yay, you are so nice! I wont let Shon read this, cause then he will wonder why he doesnt get a lunch box and love note everyday! hehe...he will do great!

Goodman Family said...

Awesome! What a cute wifey you are.

The Haslam Family said...

what a stallion. dave, you are the man, you'll be amazing. catie, the superman lunch box was supreme. as a teacher you pretty much eat the same thing for lunch every day. every now and then, i start to look around at all the kids' lunches and get jealous. pb&j would make my mouth water.

Lindsey said...

I bet you're such an awesome teacher!!! Good luck-and don't those jr. high $hit$ get the better of you. Remember how we were? (besides the fact that we both had the same Beatles shirt that we literally wore nearly everyday)

Rich said...

Make sure to confiscate their IR7000s. Tough love.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Dave!

Also remember, if the kids pick on you, then it's just because they are jealous and want to be your friend.

Derk & Jen said...

congrats! & Good luck!

dave, catie, and baby "b" said...

You guys are all so nice. Thanks for your support.

I realized as I look back at my school career that every teacher I can think of had something that I made fun of. I think mine will either be peanut-butter/banana-milk breath or thinking I'm cool. One of the two.

As long as its not black acid-washed jeans like Mr. Haws or gnarly pit stains like Mr. Miller, then I'll be happy.


tycee said...

Catie, you do everything in style - I love it. The best of luck with your student teaching Dave!

Laura said...

What a creative hot mama you are! Dave is sure lucky to have a wife like you! Hope his first week went great!

Ps. I LOVE your header photo. GORGEOUS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dave... word to the wise. Don't use the word gnarly in front of these children:)

Also- try not to bring any of your 'peices' in your lunch box. And if you have to bring one (which you might) then try not to let them see.

dave, catie, and baby "b" said...

Lindsey, I only wore the Let it Be shirt every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday... so maybe I did overplay the Beatles card in Junior High.