Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Music Video

Did you or anyone you know do something really bizarre as a kid that you can't fully explain?

I put peanut butter on my feet
My friend nunked in his own playschool hut
My brother ran away multiple times with his boyscout shirt on
My little brother Danny continued to play with matches while I was chasing him


Anonymous said...

I love it! Where was I? I would have done something obscure like french braid a ribbon into my hair and rolled down a hill. It would have been a nice addition.

Seriously though- really cool video. I was intrigued the entire time.

Molly said...

very cool

dave and catie said...

you already know
how i feel about
this masterpeice...
it seriously makes
me teary-eyed.

you're awesome,
my love.


dave and catie said...

my sister and
i put mustard
in my brothers
shoe...that's not
weird...i'm pretty
sure we were
just trying to
be mean.

catie p.

Caleb and Marci said...

I'm not sure that I was supposed to be laughing quite this loudly at this, but I not admit that I was. That was awesome. Thanks. So many things have popped into my head... and I am pretty sure that was Caleb dancing in the batman pjs- if he ever had them.

the pilks said...


loved it.

Rich said...

Extremely unique and artistic. I don't think you can watch that without evoking emotions and memories of your own childhood. Amazing stuff Dave!

Anonymous said...

Ummm very interesting? I had to stop watching after the poo and feet. I can only tolerate so much of that stuff. And my toleration ends when I leave the hospital. Someday I hope I will never have to address that type of stuff when I quit my job.