Sunday, August 16, 2009

catie's un-wordy movie review

500 days of summer

loved it
loved it
loved it

this might
be my
favorite scene
because of
the classic
'hall and oats'


Spencer said...

I love that scene. This looked like a fun movie. Have you seen it all?

Spencer said...

That last message was from Rachel bytheway.

Lynze Loves... said...

It looks so good - I am dying to see it. We should have a girls movie night soon. What do you think?!

Anonymous said...

You have me sold. Why don't they have more movies where they break out in song and dance? I think every movie should have a scene like that. Speaking of singing/dancing. Are you going to watch glee this fall? Oh and going to be making your soup today. I am addicted to it. So if you have any more yummy attires just let me know.

Molly said...

Just saw it yesterday and loved it loved it loved it as well. And you have the same favorite scene as Devin (& probably me too).