Tuesday, October 25, 2011

pumpkin patchery.

it's true.
i, along with basically everyone else,
have an outrageous crush on fall.

what's not to adore?
warm clothes.
the colors.
the crisp air.
scary stories.
scary movies. (man do i get myself into a pickle every year with loving scary flicks
but then being so scared afterward that i lose sleep for days...and by days i mean weeks)

parties. (insert my dear friend noey and her annual off-the-hizzle party...i know, i'll never say that again, i swear)

and then there's the pumpkin patch.
we race around the haystack maze
then race to find the perfect pumpkins;
all the while talking in our british accents
as we chat about which pumpkin is the best.
(i may or may not secretly hope that someone there
thinks my accent is authentic)

i just love every bit of it.
but especially the two boys i get to share it with.

happy pumpkin patching, folks!

Monday, October 3, 2011


i couldn't love this couple more!
true. love.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

farmers market.

me and my homeboys
went to the farmers market...
awww yeah guuurl...
i'm sorry, i'll stop.

check out all the fun we had:
cute people.
cute things.
tasty food.
a park; smack dab in the middle of it all.
and a dog with the best chops i've
ever seen.

what more could we ask for?
raise the roof...
that was the last one.

(edited from earlier)
i must add that this sweet little songbird gal
sang beautifully...i was totally crushing on her voice.

Monday, September 19, 2011

the airplane.

the cheapest form of entertainment...
and a little bit of exercise.

(pay no attention to my feet...i'll be the first to admit; feet are disgusting.)

Thursday, September 15, 2011


i feel like i had
the perfect day.

nothing too exciting happened,
but i noticed some small things...
which i pigheadedly
don't do often enough.

i got to walk our little kiddo
to school. (i'm sorry have i not mentioned that he started preschool?
oh, that's right i forgot for a split second that i both totally suck and blow
at blogging)

he just so happens to be over the moon
about school and his teachers
(which is such a relief because
he's pretty soft when it comes to
being away from me and dave)

while my little boy was off learning
and discovering and meeting new friends
i got to go to the gym.

all the while my extremely kind and thoughtful
husband was hard at work, supporting his family.

is this all too mushy to take in? deal with it...
because i'm feeling very much like the luckiest.
(and cue the ben folds song.)

"today was good.
today was fun.
tomorrow is another one."
-dr. seuss

Sunday, August 28, 2011

mud fight.

we were harmlessly
painting things outside with mud...
and then little bennett thought
it would be hi. larious.
to smear mud all over my face
and watch me shriek in disgust.

don't think just because he's three
i went easy on him, either...
you'll only see playful little
streaks of mud because
i hid the camera away and then the mud
really started to fly...

Friday, August 12, 2011

step aside, august...

july did, in fact, happen around
our parts... and this is what it looked like:

july 4th:

-family time.
-grilled corn.
-dave dressed as bruce springsteen
and i in my pink wig...that's patriotic , no?

july 14th:

the kiddo turned 3 and that included
a special birthday breakfast
a crown (which he totally didn't appreciate...sigh)
a water party with his sweet kiddo friends
a 'sword in the stone' re-enactment
aaaaaaand a thomas cake...that's right. you better believe that little bennett
was be. side. himself with glee. (thanks, miss noey...could you be anymore talented? you're amazing.)

july 22nd:

this handsome chap also had a birthday.
look at his face...what a hard core birthday boy.
lucky to be loving you, that's for sure.

long story short.
july was great around here...
as you were, august.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

words that aren't words but should be...

simply because i used them at one point or another
and stood embarrassed and corrected when someone heard me:

"scrame" (because it sounds more correct to me than screamed)

"eleventeen" (before you judge me...just say it once...
it sounds right to you too, doesn't it?)

(you didn't know it wasn't a word either? well it isn't...
it's just "across"...simple and true.

so, perhaps my english could use a little help.

Monday, July 25, 2011

where have i been all my life?

i can't even apologize for my absence anymore...
it's just plain ridiculous.
i have more catching up to do than any person...
that's ever....had catching up to do.

boo me.

but here are some pilktures...and there's a video too!:

looky look what i took

Thursday, July 14, 2011


dear mister third birthday,
you are now three, and this is
what i know about you:

you are extremely sensitive...
and i love that about you.
please never be hardened by this world.

you are upside down inside out OBSESSED with:
your sweet daddy.
reading. (and i am LOVING reading "stuart little" with you)
anything basketball.
thomas the tank engine.
your uncle sammy.
shoes. never have i known a little boy to love shoes quite so fiercely.
anything soccer.
buzz lightyear.
and swimming
(or finding ANY WAY POSSIBLE to get wet).

you try to talk in a british accent...yep. what else can i say about this one?

you cleverly try to get me to laugh
when i'm disciplining you; to change the subject. (works almost every time)

you are determined....
you made up your mind to potty train (even when i was terrified and tried to hold you back...i know i'm horrible) and you never looked back.

you give the most hilarious,
thoughtful, and sweet prayers.
("thankful for he-man" was one from tonight's prayer)

we are madly in love with you...
happiest birthday wishes to our forever superbaby...
who's not such a baby anymore (daggers in my heart)

(pictures of our happy brithday party coming soon!)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

crawfest 2011.

aside from our solid efforts
to swim or at least stay outside in the sun most days;
(hence my ghost town blog)
we've been going places.

dave the wave went to zions
and hiked (with some of the best people i know)the amazing subway...
but i can't talk about it because
i didn't get to go which i'm still
a little jelly belly about
(this means jealous...for future reference)

and since i'm only into talking about myself (naturally)
i WILL tell you about our camping trip to
strawberry reservoir.

every year a bunch of dave's friends go up
to catch crawdads and cook a huge manly crawdad feast...
and so on and so forth.

crawdads caught: 520 (may they rest in peace...in our stomachs)
crawdads eaten: 520 (2 by me...ewwwww! it actually wasn't bad but...don't tell anyone)

other highlights:
-meeting new friends.
-bennett finding a mud pit.
-bennett carrying on conversations
with sugar, the dog.
-eating smores and listening to
old crow medicine show around the campfire.
-peeing in the bushes...no no, wait. i HATE that.

good bye crawfest 2011.
you were the best.

are you ready for a flood of pictures?
hold on to your butts (this is the first time i've quoted jurassic park...but it certainly won't be the last)

just to clarify...this is one of those huge"tupperware" storage totes...which was filled. to. the. top. with crawdads.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

this kid.

who's got two green thumbs and is
obsessed with watering the flowers...(almost to the point of drowing them)?

this kid.

we couldn't be happier about spending all of our time
outside in the wonderful hot weather.

in addition, me and b got snow cones with his beloved
uncle sammy yesterday...who knew snow cones could be
a religious experience? awww yeah.