Saturday, July 9, 2011

crawfest 2011.

aside from our solid efforts
to swim or at least stay outside in the sun most days;
(hence my ghost town blog)
we've been going places.

dave the wave went to zions
and hiked (with some of the best people i know)the amazing subway...
but i can't talk about it because
i didn't get to go which i'm still
a little jelly belly about
(this means jealous...for future reference)

and since i'm only into talking about myself (naturally)
i WILL tell you about our camping trip to
strawberry reservoir.

every year a bunch of dave's friends go up
to catch crawdads and cook a huge manly crawdad feast...
and so on and so forth.

crawdads caught: 520 (may they rest in our stomachs)
crawdads eaten: 520 (2 by me...ewwwww! it actually wasn't bad but...don't tell anyone)

other highlights:
-meeting new friends.
-bennett finding a mud pit.
-bennett carrying on conversations
with sugar, the dog.
-eating smores and listening to
old crow medicine show around the campfire.
-peeing in the no, wait. i HATE that.

good bye crawfest 2011.
you were the best.

are you ready for a flood of pictures?
hold on to your butts (this is the first time i've quoted jurassic park...but it certainly won't be the last)

just to clarify...this is one of those huge"tupperware" storage totes...which was filled. to. the. top. with crawdads.


Noelle said...

Please tell me that 520 was a typo.. Please..?

I have a very vague memory of catching crawdads.. I know I have done it once, that's all I needed.

I love the pictures as usual. The one of Dave and B should be blown up to a gigantic size and framed. I'm just sayin'.

By the way.. Dave being out of town wasn't all THAT bad.. Am I right or am I right?

Melanie said...

Ahhh... how I've missed you my sweet Catie friend! It's so hard commenting on your photos, BECAUSE they're always just GLORIOUS! I adore the shot of you & Mr B, such a beautiful lady. Dude, was that chicken bait?! You guys are serious, YO! So glad to see a new post, but I'm So SO glad you've been having so much fun! You'e fam is a little too adorable, btw. Xoxo. Mel

Lindsey said...

Awesome pictures! As usual!
Love you all!

Kenna said...

Did you catch them with chicken?

Carin said...

I remember catching crawdads from the canals in Phoenix, AZ. Eating those would never cross my mind...but a lake is a different story!

LOVE your fact I recommended you to someone today!!

weese said...

Did you seriously waste perfectly good chicken wings so you could catch crawdads? eww. What a waste of delicious to-be-slathered-in-some-form-of-sauce-and-dipped-in-blue-cheese goodness.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

oh noey- there were, indeed, 520...sigh.

and yes, indian food/movie night was AAAAAAAH-mazing.
(need i remind you abou the moment when we all squealed in unison, like little girls?)

melanie- can i just take you around with me everywhere and validate me? you are so sweet and you make me feel like a million bucks! i have missed you too and blogging in general!

lindsey- thank you thank you!

kenna-oh yes...that's the bait that gets 'em. weird right?

carin- it is such a thrill catching them...please still be my friend, even thought i ate a crawdad...i pressured into it... :) aaaand, you are so so sweet! i admire you so much and think you're an amazing photographer so it means a lot to me that you'd recommend me to someone. thank you.

alisa- lets go get chicken wings just made my mouth water...

Laura G said...

Love the picture of you and Bennett. Precious times 10!!!! All of em are fabulous. What a fun outing. Chicken? Really? You guys are hard core these days.