Wednesday, August 27, 2008

uh-oh feeling

text messaging can be dangerous

it was miss alina d's b-day
cory was throwing a surprise party
that same night my friend riley
invited me to hang out

this is where the texting begins

"hey roo, can't hang out
i'm going to a surprise party
for alina, it's at 7:00
at cory's house"

(side note: i realize now that
my text held many unnecessary

then i recieved a reply, but not
from riley aka roo, from alina

i'm getting a surprise party?

immediately the uh-oh feeling set in
with alina's party on the brain
i must have chosen to send it to her instead

i singlehandedly ruined a surprise party
with one little text message

it's a good thing my friends love me and
forgive me for being such an airhead

texters beware, this could happen to you

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I just heard about this on a podcast I subscribe to.

Some people are astounding to me.

Oscar loses legs
Oscar wants to run
Oscar works with engineers at Rice University to improve prosthetics
Oscar beats too many able-bodied runners
Oscar misses olympic qualification by 7/10 of a second
Leg-less Oscar causes controversy over whether or not he should be allowed to compete in the olympics.

To you Oscar, I tip my hat.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

spy camera

so we put my new little spy camera
(dave insists i call it a "spy" camera)
to use for the first time

dave loves sharing his skill of being
able to speak in different
usually results with his brothers, danny
and mikey rolling on the ground with

if he ever shares this talent with you
notice he will more than likely use the
word "boondocks" with at least three
of the accents

anyway, i argue i do better accents
he thinks he does better accents
see for yourself

Back In My Day...

Catie's aunt from Japan came to visit this past week. For Catie's birthday, she gave her this tiny little camera that I think is so cool.
It is a spy camera and it made me think about my childhood. I've always wanted to be a spy. I could tell you embarrassing stories about playing spy way beyond the appropriate age ("Abort mission!"). Nowadays, kids are totally spoiled by technology. Does anyone remember "Spy Gear", the line of way expensive spy toys ranging from binoculars to crappy walkie talkies to fingerprint dusting. We could never afford them.

Compare that to my little brother's Christmas present. A remote controlled car with a wireless surveillance camera attached to the front which sends a signal to a headset with an eyepiece.
I think I would have had a stroke if I got a gift like that when I was seven... or 25.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

the laziest day of my life

a few months ago dave picked me up from work
we got home and he suggested we watch an
episode of 'heroes' - his friend let him
borrow his entire first season box set

now i'm not one to get hooked on

silly t.v. shows especially because dave and
i don't get t.v. at home, however, this tim
was, count 'em, seven hours
later we were almost entirely finished with
the first season...pausing only a few moments
to whip up the fastest, not to mention most
unhealthy thing in our cupboard...mac and cheese,
and then back to our marathon

since that day we now frequently think about
what it would be like to have a super power and
debate on what would be the ultimate...time
travel is definitely up there (and don't think
i don't secretly pretend to have some sort
super power throughout random moments in my day).

side note: i'm pretty sure my friend cory's
super power is always being able to detect when
someone has altered their hair..i guess some people
are just born with the gift

what is, or what would be your super power?
maybe mine is watching seven straight hours of t.v.
this is me dressed up as storm from x-men...a girl can dream

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Whose Child is This?

Trying to decipher who Bennett looks the most like is not a difficult task.
Catie's parents showed me some baby pictures today. Bennett could easily be Catie's twin brother.

See for yourselves-Versus this little boy-
Although it is hard to tell who he looks the most like because he seems to be changing ever day.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I Heart Boobs

funny story:

I got this shirt from my doctor friend before she was about to throw it out.

the day i actually put this on Bennett, i hesitated

To my embarrassment, a member of the bishopric brought us a nice dinner that night, followed by a surprise visit from many very thoughtful members of the relief society.

the shirt got mixed reviews.