Wednesday, August 27, 2008

uh-oh feeling

text messaging can be dangerous

it was miss alina d's b-day
cory was throwing a surprise party
that same night my friend riley
invited me to hang out

this is where the texting begins

"hey roo, can't hang out
i'm going to a surprise party
for alina, it's at 7:00
at cory's house"

(side note: i realize now that
my text held many unnecessary

then i recieved a reply, but not
from riley aka roo, from alina

i'm getting a surprise party?

immediately the uh-oh feeling set in
with alina's party on the brain
i must have chosen to send it to her instead

i singlehandedly ruined a surprise party
with one little text message

it's a good thing my friends love me and
forgive me for being such an airhead

texters beware, this could happen to you


Anonymous said...

This instance has happened to everybody at some point or another. Remember when I called you up in a huge panic because I had mis-texted? Oh yeah. I already feel my nerves skyrocketing just thinking about it.

I think I actually live about 85 percent of my life with the perpetual uh-oh feeling. It's weird. It started back in elementary and never stopped. Hmm?

Alina Dorsey said...

I just so happened to receive that text while in the car with party planners Jason and Cory, and when I read the message was their faces priceless. It was hilarious!!! I then spent the rest of our car ride practicing my surprise face.

That experience only made my Birthday that much better! Thanks Catie, love ya

melissa said...

Hey Catie,
It's Melissa, David's cousin... Cute pics on the blog. I wanted to ask you if you ever heard about the drug bust in which a woman sent a text message accidentally to an undercover cop explaining that she had 30 oxycontin that she was willing to sell behind a Wal-Mart in SLC. The cop played along, pretending to be her friend and met her behind the Wal-Mart with handcuffs. Pretty funny!!!