Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back In My Day...

Catie's aunt from Japan came to visit this past week. For Catie's birthday, she gave her this tiny little camera that I think is so cool.
It is a spy camera and it made me think about my childhood. I've always wanted to be a spy. I could tell you embarrassing stories about playing spy way beyond the appropriate age ("Abort mission!"). Nowadays, kids are totally spoiled by technology. Does anyone remember "Spy Gear", the line of way expensive spy toys ranging from binoculars to crappy walkie talkies to fingerprint dusting. We could never afford them.

Compare that to my little brother's Christmas present. A remote controlled car with a wireless surveillance camera attached to the front which sends a signal to a headset with an eyepiece.
I think I would have had a stroke if I got a gift like that when I was seven... or 25.


Anonymous said...

I had a career in espionage. My spy camera was an oversized clothespin, as it was 1990 and my funds were limited.

I don't remember much about my missions, but I do remember yelling "I surrender" a lot.

Bukran said...

I totally remember Spy Gear!

I wanted the long-range acoustic enhancer the most so I could eavesdrop into conversations from afar.

Alas, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny were Ruskies, because they failed to bring one to me every time.

I can't remember who I spied on more, the Commies or the Nazis--it was a pretty even mix.

LW said...

So cool! Now you just need to hide it in a teddy bear or something so you can monitor the baby sitters! (not to be creepy or anything!)

Lisa said...

SPY DAY!!!! You are the ultimate spy!

My girls have such fond memories of playing SPY DAY with you and your brothers!!