Wednesday, August 20, 2008

spy camera

so we put my new little spy camera
(dave insists i call it a "spy" camera)
to use for the first time

dave loves sharing his skill of being
able to speak in different
usually results with his brothers, danny
and mikey rolling on the ground with

if he ever shares this talent with you
notice he will more than likely use the
word "boondocks" with at least three
of the accents

anyway, i argue i do better accents
he thinks he does better accents
see for yourself


Anonymous said...

Dave does a pretty good impression of the Mother on the Sixth Sense too. Where does that take place?... Baltimore or Philidelphia?

His talents are limitless

Bukran said...

Lately I've taken to talking to Meghan in a German accent...and I don't know why. I guess I just like pronouncing w's like v's.

I've honestly never heard of the famous Brooklyn cheese steaks. Care to enlighten me?

Stephanie-jean Weber said...

HAHAHA!!! Good times! We have always enjoyed Dave's accents on the videos! I put my vote in for Catie though!

Lisa said...

Brad and I are putting a vote in for Catie!

Sorry Dave! :( Brad went to Philly on his mission, that is where the cheese steaks are! lol

Anonymous said...

Pretty good, but I didn't think Boston people sounded like British people. Mmm maybe I do need to get out more. But look at your little baby!! So sweet!!