Monday, July 25, 2011

where have i been all my life?

i can't even apologize for my absence anymore...
it's just plain ridiculous.
i have more catching up to do than any person...
that's ever....had catching up to do.

boo me.

but here are some pilktures...and there's a video too!:

looky look what i took

Thursday, July 14, 2011


dear mister third birthday,
you are now three, and this is
what i know about you:

you are extremely sensitive...
and i love that about you.
please never be hardened by this world.

you are upside down inside out OBSESSED with:
your sweet daddy.
reading. (and i am LOVING reading "stuart little" with you)
anything basketball.
thomas the tank engine.
your uncle sammy.
shoes. never have i known a little boy to love shoes quite so fiercely.
anything soccer.
buzz lightyear.
and swimming
(or finding ANY WAY POSSIBLE to get wet).

you try to talk in a british accent...yep. what else can i say about this one?

you cleverly try to get me to laugh
when i'm disciplining you; to change the subject. (works almost every time)

you are determined....
you made up your mind to potty train (even when i was terrified and tried to hold you back...i know i'm horrible) and you never looked back.

you give the most hilarious,
thoughtful, and sweet prayers.
("thankful for he-man" was one from tonight's prayer)

we are madly in love with you...
happiest birthday wishes to our forever superbaby...
who's not such a baby anymore (daggers in my heart)

(pictures of our happy brithday party coming soon!)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

crawfest 2011.

aside from our solid efforts
to swim or at least stay outside in the sun most days;
(hence my ghost town blog)
we've been going places.

dave the wave went to zions
and hiked (with some of the best people i know)the amazing subway...
but i can't talk about it because
i didn't get to go which i'm still
a little jelly belly about
(this means jealous...for future reference)

and since i'm only into talking about myself (naturally)
i WILL tell you about our camping trip to
strawberry reservoir.

every year a bunch of dave's friends go up
to catch crawdads and cook a huge manly crawdad feast...
and so on and so forth.

crawdads caught: 520 (may they rest in our stomachs)
crawdads eaten: 520 (2 by me...ewwwww! it actually wasn't bad but...don't tell anyone)

other highlights:
-meeting new friends.
-bennett finding a mud pit.
-bennett carrying on conversations
with sugar, the dog.
-eating smores and listening to
old crow medicine show around the campfire.
-peeing in the no, wait. i HATE that.

good bye crawfest 2011.
you were the best.

are you ready for a flood of pictures?
hold on to your butts (this is the first time i've quoted jurassic park...but it certainly won't be the last)

just to clarify...this is one of those huge"tupperware" storage totes...which was filled. to. the. top. with crawdads.