Wednesday, February 20, 2013

belated valentine wishes.

this year for valentines day, our house was
plagued with strep throat...and then the flu.

but we didn't let that stop us from making heart pancakes to be exact.
(that the poor little squirt wouldn't even eat
because his throat hurt too bad)

aside from being sick, it really worked out
in our favor because we got to have dave
home with us...i think we'll get strep throat
again next year.

so for valentines day we got naps....which
is all this girl wanted anyway, am i right?
it may not have been the sexiest valentines
day in the world...but we certainly felt the love.

dinners from family (we have the best family ever)
dinners from friends (we live in the best neighborhood ever)
being together.
dave and i washing our bedding together late at night
because bennett threw up on it....that, people, is true love.


so you're getting a valentine from this guy, a week late. happy valentines!


Friday, February 8, 2013

this girl

is four months old.
was blessed
on the sixth of january.
in the dress i was blessed in.
by her daddy...who
is wrapped around
her little finger.


this boy

is 4 1/2 now.
loves preschool.
loves his baby sister...
whom he calls "mabel honey".
is into telling jokes...
especially if they include potty
words..."toot" "bum" poop",
you name it...he thinks it's hilarious.
boo for me.

he is so fun
so sweet (minus the toot jokes)
and so sharp.


Sunday, July 8, 2012

another first...and hopefully last.

after swimming lessons
mr. b tripped and fell...
and bit through his chin.

it. was. awful.

after 2 attempts at sedation
to try and stitch him up
i ended up holding him down
because the sedation
wouldn't work.

about 4 hours later we finally
got to go home.

thank you to the sweetest
doctors and the sweetest nurses
(who kept kissing him)
at the lds hospital er...
hopefully we never have to
see you again.
and a big thank you to the best
mother-in-law in the world
who stayed with us the whole time.

grateful that it was just a little
scare and nothing serious.

partially sedated bennett is the
sweetest/most heart breaking
thing in the world.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a first.

first time chasing down
an ice cream truck.

naturally he went with
the batman pop.

and the ice cream man?
he was as sweet as pie.

and you better believe
this little boy
had a spring in his step
the whole way home.



Sunday, June 24, 2012

summer time.


hello summer.

we've been spending
almost all of our time
in the water...but maybe,
just maybe i'll
dust off this deserted blog
and start posting again.
because i really do miss it...
and all my sweet bloggy friends.

after all, we do have a
baby girl on the way and
a new home to chat about :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

remember us?

well this isn't awkward at all, is it?

i'm sure that it's probably illegal for me
to be blogging now since it's been a
horrendously long time since my last post
but can we give it a go, anyway? c'mon,
just look at this kids kisser and try to tell me no.

may i also add that it's been so long
that at first i couldn't remember how to upload sad.

well, the exciting biz-nas that has been
taking up all our my time is that
we bought a house!
yes sir.
and we are L O V I N G it!
pictures and stories to come soon;
but we just wanted to say happy happy love day
to all of our loves.

oh yeah,
and i blogged
over here, too.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

pumpkin patchery.

it's true.
i, along with basically everyone else,
have an outrageous crush on fall.

what's not to adore?
warm clothes.
the colors.
the crisp air.
scary stories.
scary movies. (man do i get myself into a pickle every year with loving scary flicks
but then being so scared afterward that i lose sleep for days...and by days i mean weeks)

parties. (insert my dear friend noey and her annual off-the-hizzle party...i know, i'll never say that again, i swear)

and then there's the pumpkin patch.
we race around the haystack maze
then race to find the perfect pumpkins;
all the while talking in our british accents
as we chat about which pumpkin is the best.
(i may or may not secretly hope that someone there
thinks my accent is authentic)

i just love every bit of it.
but especially the two boys i get to share it with.

happy pumpkin patching, folks!