Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a first.

first time chasing down
an ice cream truck.

naturally he went with
the batman pop.

and the ice cream man?
he was as sweet as pie.

and you better believe
this little boy
had a spring in his step
the whole way home.




Melanie said...

Hello there cutie pies... (& I have to include the ice cream man too. He is adorable) I have missed you bunches friend... I was just thinking of how it was forever since I saw any of your beautiful photos. LOVE these!! So happy to see ya again mama!! xo

Jen said...

Hey friend. Welcome back to blogging!! Congrats on the news of your upcoming exciting!!

Heather said...

Yay! I love your updates. BTW, you are lucky. Our ice cream truck wont stop for anything lol.

Kelli said...

You are so nice! Every time my kids hear the ice cream man they get so excited and want to get one. I always say no, I can buy you a whole box of popsicles for what they charge. But I guess they will miss out on the nostalgia of it. I better give in at least once.

Kenna said...

He makes me want to chase down the ice cream truck! Yum!