Tuesday, March 29, 2011

oh dear.

you know when you find an old
picture of yourself at your
most awkward stage of life
when you're hair is beyond poofy
and your bangs look like
they're going to eat someone and
you can kind of see your training bra
through your horrible brown sweater?


i'm sure it could've been
avoided if i had a
sassy gay friend ...
not that i'm all that put together now...

ps if i get the nerve to actually
scan it in...perhaps i'll post it
so you can all share a good laugh,
while i gently weep.

Monday, March 28, 2011

peer pressure.

i am easily influenced by the people that i adore.

dave can influence me to talk in different
accents when we both know full well we sound horrible.

cory can influence me into drinking
a diet coke at any hour of the day.

and because of my dear friend noey and my sister in law mary,
i now think i have beiber fever....whaaaat?
(don't you dare judge me)

speaking of noey, she also influences me to cook.
she made pizza. so i made pizza.

she directed me to THIS dough recipe;
and it works like a charm every time.

(i say this because, has anyone else had a weird fear of using yeast?
no? so, i'm the only one then?)

brush the rolled out dough
with olive oil.

then sprinkle:
black pepper (do it. you will not be sorry.)
parmesan cheese.

then pour on ranch dressing
as your sauce (this might be a good time to tell you
this isn't the most healthy thing in the world.

then cover with spinach
and chopped grilled chicken
and artichoke hearts...which i didn't have.
and finish off with mozzarella cheese.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

spread the word.

i stood in my kitchen on monday evening.
tears streaming down my face.
i know i should just turn cnn off.
but it's worth being heartbroken to
stay informed and realize that
the dear people in japan need help.

feeling guilty for how
blessed i am to be safe,
healthy, and with my family
isn't helping anyone.

click on the link below if
you can donate anything.

click here to donate

Thursday, March 10, 2011

my 2011. taking the time.

one of the things i'm trying to work on
for this new year...and yes i'm sticking to it;
hence the, not-so-much-blogging
(apparently blogging consistently was not one of the resolutions)

where was i? oh yeah...
taking the time
to soak up just me and b.

as much as i'd like to say
i'm the perfect mom who
has every day completely planned out,
with wonderful activities
to stimulate my growing boy and his growing mind...
sometimes 4:00 rolls around and
the most exciting thing that's happened
is we've walked out to get the mail...

so i'm changing this.

on this particular day we thumbed our noses
at the rain and set out for the park.
(speaking of weather: dear snow, if you come back i WILL kill you.)

good times were had by all...me and b, that is.

it is good to be his mom.
so, so good.
and i'm trying not to waste it.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

There is No Secret Ingredient

Life is an onion.
the Kung Fu Panda was right.
Authenticity is an illusion.

Life is what you make it.

-dave's deep thoughts 3/6/2011