Thursday, March 17, 2011

spread the word.

i stood in my kitchen on monday evening.
tears streaming down my face.
i know i should just turn cnn off.
but it's worth being heartbroken to
stay informed and realize that
the dear people in japan need help.

feeling guilty for how
blessed i am to be safe,
healthy, and with my family
isn't helping anyone.

click on the link below if
you can donate anything.

click here to donate


Melanie said...

Thanks for this Catie.

~God be with them all~

Lynze said...

I finally had to ban myself from reading stories on the Internet yesterday - so heartbreaking.

Noelle said...

It is heartbreaking and a great reminder of my blessings. Thanks for posting this.

happy me said...

The magnitude of what they're going through and their stoic honorable acceptance of it breaks my heart twice.

God bless you Catie for showing people a way to help.