Tuesday, March 29, 2011

oh dear.

you know when you find an old
picture of yourself at your
most awkward stage of life
when you're hair is beyond poofy
and your bangs look like
they're going to eat someone and
you can kind of see your training bra
through your horrible brown sweater?


i'm sure it could've been
avoided if i had a
sassy gay friend ...
not that i'm all that put together now...

ps if i get the nerve to actually
scan it in...perhaps i'll post it
so you can all share a good laugh,
while i gently weep.


Anonymous said...

What, what what are you doing?!

Signature said...
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Noelle said...

(Sorry, I was logged in under a different name.)

You can't post this without proof that the actual picture exists!


Melanie said...

I 2nd Noelle's comment.... How dare you! lol

I thought I would scan down the post and wham.... I'd be lookn at beautiful you! I pretty sure we're going to need proof on this one Catie.

Btw, I still want that fab gay bestie. How great would that be?!

Jen said...

POST IT! You must.

weese said...

I hid the whole envelope of my 8th grade photos from my parents so they couldn't send them out. glases, terrible hair, a VEST...eww. So sad. I wonder where they went, I'm pretty sure I didn't have the nerve to throw them away.

Heather said...

That video is hilarious! I'm with them. Post the pic. I'll post one of me if you post one of you! :)

happy me said...

Scan it! Scan it! Scan it! ;)
You're too adorable now to have been anything but adorable 'then'!
I, on the other hand, have been trying to get a photo back my brother is holding hostage that I would be MORTified to have ANY human see! Seriously; I'm not sure it's even me cuz I'm gorgeous now! ;)

Debra at apm

Camille said...

Catie, how did you ever get ahold of one of my pictures? I will be forever angry if you put that up!
... what? YOU have a bad pic??? Oh, well, that is another matter entirely.

Amy May said...

I'll dig up one with red glasses and red acne to match if you post yours. (I seriouly question the love of my entire family that they did not talk me out of that one!)

P.S. "And don't you dare grab dessert on the way out, we didn't plan enough for you. Thank you for the lovely gifts however."