Tuesday, April 5, 2011

i may not be a beauty queen, but....

not even a good personality
can make up for this.

let's play a little i spy.
-the poofy hair.
-bangs that look like they want to
swallow my face.
-bra through hideous sweater...ewwww.
-'mom and sisters' picture behind me
where my hair is quite possibly
WORSE than in THIS picture.
-zits under my nose.
-awkward 'i'm so embarassed my mom's
taking my picture, but not really
because i put my hair in curlers and
i think i'm looking super fly' smile.

i triple dog dare

anyone to beat this gem of a picture.

does this, at all,
make you want to post
a hideous pic of yourself
for a good laugh?
if so, imagine me
pounding my fists on my
desk chanting "do it. do it. do it."


Amy May said...

I am impress. And I take the dare. Which means I need to unpack some boxes in my basment, crap!

Heather said...

I'll look around. I'm almost positive I can beat this picture. You don't look as bad as you think you do. Though...the bra thing is pretty funny. hahaha

My word verification is PANTI which is making me laugh as well.

Noelle said...

I love you so much for posting this.

I don't know if I can beat it, but we definitely could have been friends in 7th grade.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

I applaud you for your courage and galantry.

I love you more than ever for putting this up on an open blog.


mccall said...

is that your real hair? that's seriously awesome.

i'm kind of inspired to post an ugly pic now {not that yours is ugly . . . :)}

Anonymous said...

I love this; I love you; I love it all.

I feel like when I find my picture to post, you will soon see that you are wrong about yours being the worst. At least you tried with curling your hair. I didn't want to 'try' so therefore I am hideous.

Laura G said...

You are my hero. I love that you posted this. I think Mrs. Degeneres needs to see this. I love the segment she does of photo's. I didn't notice the bra until you pointed it out. A. Mazing. Can't wait to show Tyson when he gets home. :) Love you!

happy me said...

Oh Catie! Yes; it's all the things you point out (that really only YOU see), but you know what it also is? You! I can see the Catie of today in those eyes!

Kelli said...

LOVE IT! I don't think it is that bad. I have some really really bad ones. I tried to scan them and my scanner freaks out they are so bad.

Melanie said...


Shut UP! (I say in a nice way)

You are/were a little beauty queen. Seriously, so cute. Though the bra... pretty funny.

Oh Catie, I can so beat you.
It might take me a bit to find all those "fabulous" old pics. But I'll win!

Camille said...

Sweet. All of my worst pics are on all my friends' facebook accounts under such titles as 'Flash back' or "the good ol' days" and other such things. Really great when you don't even get to choose whether or not to let those kinds of things out, ya know? To give you a good laugh, I'll try and find some of my old pics of me and Kris on the bball team. I am so pasty white (some things never change...) that you really can't tell where the uniform begins or ends.

Alina D. said...

Unless you were sporting an over sized Betty Boop shirt, hemp necklace, braces, bushy eyebrows, and half up/half down bangs than your voluminous hair has nothin on me! Oh and I can't forget the purple Girbaud jeans I borrowed from my male cousin who was 4 years older. Not sure where my cartoon gangster phase came from...
As for the white bra peaking through your knit sweater, well that's just good fashion sense ;)

Megan said...

I kind of feel honored that I actually knew you at this point in time. Love it!

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

okay sexy babies,
heather is the only one
who has posted a pic so
far....don't be wuss faces.

and mccall, you bet your
bottom dollar that's my real hair.