Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the weekend.

(as much as i'd love to keep that hideous teen pic of me
as the first thing staring back at you when you pull up our blog, i won't
make you suffer any longer)

over the weekend
we ate pancakes,
stacked blocks,
and went on drives
down adorable streets. (boo, april snow...big boo.)

we also showed bennett
one of my favorite childhood movies.

milo and otis

ever watched a movie that you loved
as a kid?....not quite the same.

i still loved it, but
i'm pretty sure there
was animal abuse through
that entire flick...yikes.

i wonder what i would think
if i watched

on our own
adventures in babysitting
and mannequin again....


Megan said...

I also loved Milo and Otis as a child, and I still do! It was definitely different watching it after so many years though. David remembered that he read somewhere they went through numerous cats for the movie. I love its simplicity though, and think it's amazing they show animals giving birth!

Anonymous said...

I watched Adventures in Babysitting as a college student, and still loved it...in a totally different way. :)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to inform you that both mannequin and adventures in babysitting are both wonderful still! I absolutely love your pictures, especially the street one. I salute you and your amazing talent.

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

come on guys! show me some love
for "on our own" did no one have the pleasure of watching it? movie night. my house.

megan- 3 cats!? wow. i love the simplicity of it too! the narrator is a genius.

mary- you need to watch on our own and report back to me.

cory- you have the best taste in movies, ever! thank you for making me feel like a million bucks, you doll.

Noelle said...

Your photography is so amazing.. Even the most simple of things looks ten times more beautiful when you photograph it.

As for the movies, I totally understand. I will echo what others have said, Adventures in Babysitting still holds up, but I've also never seen On Our Own.

Anonymous said...

With regards to your statement: "You have the best taste in movies".... I would reply 'I'm so distraught by that blatant sarcasm that I'm all caught up in my underwear on this one'

Well, I've got to go and populate some spreadsheets...and look up 'On Your Own' on Youtube.

Real work happens here.

Amy May said...

Catie you and I might be the only ones out there who watched ‘On Our Own” but I too loved that movie. That and “A Family for Joe” my sister watched that one about a million times, we were ready to kill her. I love the part where the older brother crashes the car and tells his sister that he just decided to pull over and sleep for a bit because he was getting tired.

P.S. I found a great per-teen pic and now am just waiting for my color scanner at work to get hooked up so that I may scan it in. You dare is not yet forgotten.

Kelli said...

On our own I just watched with Lance for the first time last year...I think I only made it about 10 minutes in and turned it off.
Adventures in Babysitting will NEVER be lame. It is still totally awesome! Vincent D'Onofrio as "Thor"!!! You can't go wrong. Plus The Chrystals "Then he kissed me" I listen to that all the time!
Mannequin...not the same but still fun to watch.

happy me said...

I *LOVED* watching Milo & Otis! It was one of K's favs and we watched it over and over and over and over (well; you get the idea).

<3 you!

Alina D. said...

Your the most fun mom, enough said. And your blueberry pancakes looked super yummy! Milo and Otis,know them, but don't ever think I've seen it.