Wednesday, April 13, 2011


remember this recipe?
(you was only a couple of posts ago)

i forgot to list an important sue me,
i'm fantastic...i'm not perfect.
(do i need to show you another pic of me as a teen,
that will surely give you nightmares,
to prove my imperfectness?)

garlic. garlic, people.

i mince at least three cloves
(to ensure that you'll have a nice garlic-y burp for several days)
and sprinkle it on right after
you brush the dough with olive oil.

...that is all.
forgive me.
seacrest, out.


Anonymous said...

I secretly love garlic.

I think I'll go make that yummy recipe now.

Noelle said...

Yes. Garlic makes everything better.

Anonymous said...

Seacrest out?

You I love. Ryan... can go straight to hell. JK

So, remember when we watched Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve and he sounded like a wind up robot toy who was losing his battery? That was fun.

Melanie said...

You ARE perfectly fantastic! I personally think being perfect would suck big time?!

Anywhoooo... I think I came up w/ a great idea, so I won't have to sue ya over forgetting the garlic. I'll just not post my "fab" teenage pic! Good..? Good! Hehehehee.