Thursday, March 10, 2011

my 2011. taking the time.

one of the things i'm trying to work on
for this new year...and yes i'm sticking to it;
hence the, not-so-much-blogging
(apparently blogging consistently was not one of the resolutions)

where was i? oh yeah...
taking the time
to soak up just me and b.

as much as i'd like to say
i'm the perfect mom who
has every day completely planned out,
with wonderful activities
to stimulate my growing boy and his growing mind...
sometimes 4:00 rolls around and
the most exciting thing that's happened
is we've walked out to get the mail...

so i'm changing this.

on this particular day we thumbed our noses
at the rain and set out for the park.
(speaking of weather: dear snow, if you come back i WILL kill you.)

good times were had by and b, that is.

it is good to be his mom.
so, so good.
and i'm trying not to waste it.


Heather said...

so sweet. I bet you are the most fun mom out there.

Melanie said...

I LOOOVE that you took your lil B to the park on a rainy day! Hello... gettn muddy... if FUN! (Especially for boys)

His he is such a too cute handsome little lad. Adore the "stare down" pic w/ the buffalo. Good stuff!

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

Settle down Catie... j/k.

I think I know what;s going on in Bennett's head while he's staring at the Buffalo...

25% embarrassed by what mom's thinking
25% scared it's going to attack
50% excited to be it's friend.

Benjamin and Jennie said...

He is just the sweetest!!!!! miss you guys. I know the feeling...... Sometimes the day just escapes you.

Megan said...

Your photography is utterly amazing - seriously I just love it all! It helps that you have a SUPER adorable little boy. Seriously what a smile!

Amy May said...

What a great idea.

weese said...

yet another reason why you are cool and i am glad to be your friend. i wish i was as nice a mom as you!

the conleys said...

such AWESOME photos!!!

love this..

Noelle said...

I love your resolution! I need to be better with Taya too.. (We need to start a mini preschool or something.)

And, as always, your photography just gets me! That picture of B with the umbrella melts my heart. He is so handsome and I know you are a great mom.

Nicole said...

Oh my gosh. Adorable! I wanted to see more.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love that little boy. I can't wait to see our grandchildren!

Good reminder to enjoy every day. Thanks.

happy me said...

Oh Catie! I love the 'feel' of these photos (the 1st puddle picture and the bison picture - omygosh cute!).

"Dear snow; if you come back I will KILL you!" Thx - I needed a good laugh!

Kudos to you for getting out in the rain! Plus? It made for some really really cute photos!!!

Debra at a photographic memory

Steve and Nery said...

Rainy day...or any old day Bennett is always ready to go out to the Buffalo park. Can't wait for him & Jude to go together.(Love,Lola)

Lynze said...

These are adorable, and I would love to get together and take pictures someday. Can't wait to learn from a pro...seriously, the last pic is so cute it's killing me!

Rich said...

Great pictures, great point. Our little guy is only 6 days old and we already feel like time is moving too fast! We all need to remind ourselves to live in the moment instead of waiting for that elusive tomorrow. Thanks for being that reminder today.