Thursday, September 15, 2011


i feel like i had
the perfect day.

nothing too exciting happened,
but i noticed some small things...
which i pigheadedly
don't do often enough.

i got to walk our little kiddo
to school. (i'm sorry have i not mentioned that he started preschool?
oh, that's right i forgot for a split second that i both totally suck and blow
at blogging)

he just so happens to be over the moon
about school and his teachers
(which is such a relief because
he's pretty soft when it comes to
being away from me and dave)

while my little boy was off learning
and discovering and meeting new friends
i got to go to the gym.

all the while my extremely kind and thoughtful
husband was hard at work, supporting his family.

is this all too mushy to take in? deal with it...
because i'm feeling very much like the luckiest.
(and cue the ben folds song.)

"today was good.
today was fun.
tomorrow is another one."
-dr. seuss


Melanie said...

Sounds Like a lovely day Miss THANG! Go Mr B! Wow, Pre-school is Big stuff. I am going to make an effort to use the word "pigheadedley!" Love it.)

Be still my heart w/ the kissy pics! Somebody Loves him some mama! Xoxo.

Kenna said...

Don't you just love days like that, just normal all out special days, where you are grateful for everything!
Where does he go to preschool?
What a good mama you are, we love your little family!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder to enjoy life.

Noelle said...

I need to recognize my happy days more often. It's really all about being grateful. Thanks for the reminder!

happy me said...

Oh Catie.
Those two photos of you and B made me cry.
Little boys and their momma's. Sigh.