Sunday, August 28, 2011

mud fight.

we were harmlessly
painting things outside with mud...
and then little bennett thought
it would be hi. larious.
to smear mud all over my face
and watch me shriek in disgust.

don't think just because he's three
i went easy on him, either...
you'll only see playful little
streaks of mud because
i hid the camera away and then the mud
really started to fly...


Noelle said...

That kid has nerve! :)

You're the best mom.
#1. I never let Taya play with mud. #2. If she got mud on me, the day would be over.

Melanie said...

Oh GOSH. You two are the bees knees of cuteness together! I LOVE that you got all dirty too! You are such a rad mama. AND i heart the I love B in mud... seriously urrg LOVE!

Laura G said...

You are WAY too fun! I love it. Great photo's!

happy me said...

Catie! Sooooo much fun & emotion in those photos. You are definitely 'a fun mom'!

Loved your summer photos too! That cake is aMAZing!