Friday, August 12, 2011

step aside, august...

july did, in fact, happen around
our parts... and this is what it looked like:

july 4th:

-family time.
-grilled corn.
-dave dressed as bruce springsteen
and i in my pink wig...that's patriotic , no?

july 14th:

the kiddo turned 3 and that included
a special birthday breakfast
a crown (which he totally didn't appreciate...sigh)
a water party with his sweet kiddo friends
a 'sword in the stone' re-enactment
aaaaaaand a thomas cake...that's right. you better believe that little bennett
was be. side. himself with glee. (thanks, miss noey...could you be anymore talented? you're amazing.)

july 22nd:

this handsome chap also had a birthday.
look at his face...what a hard core birthday boy.
lucky to be loving you, that's for sure.

long story short.
july was great around here...
as you were, august.


Kenna said...

That corn looks so yummy I could eat the picture off the screen.
A little obsessed with your pink hair!!!
And we had so much fun at Mr. B's birthday party, Parker still talks about the sword in the stone, it was a big hit!

Kelli said...

You are so great at taking pictures of everything. I love the firework one! And also Dave just makes me laugh!!!

weese said...

Pretty amazing! I had a terrifying dream that you moved far far away. I hope it was only a strange pregnant nightmare and not a premonition:(

Noelle said...

Love everything.. the fireworks picture is amazing, B's cute little smile and adorable crown.. Thanks for the cake shout out :) Your chocolate cake looks like perfection on a platter.

P.S. I didn't know you wore that wig outside of the house!

Melanie said...

OMGosh girl, cutest party! I have to get some of those skinny tall candles for Jaxy's B-day. Mr B in that crown, hurt my dang heart cute! You & your fella are freakishly adorable together!! Sending love your way....!

Melanie said...

Forgot the most important part, Happy (late) Birthday Mr B!!! #3 is a bigt one. Jaxy will be catchn up to ya soon!

Heather said...

So fun! Noelle's cake is awesome! but I have to say, if the chocolate cake was sitting next to the Thomas cake, I would pick the chocolate to eat. It looks yummy-er. :)

dave, catie, and baby b. said...

ha ha thanks for all the fun comments! oh and're too kind about my chocolate cake but i have to say...noey's cake was moan out loud and make everyone around you awkward- good. mmmmmm. i want train cake now.... you cake ladies blow me away with your talent!

Anonymous said...

Awesome cakes!

I wish I had a pink wig.

Willardsen Family said...

I have to admit that it makes me very jealous that the two of you are awesome with a camera and have such great pics of your kid. Maybe it is my kids that should be jealous? Gread seeing you this month. Hope someone else gets married so we can hang out again!