Saturday, August 1, 2009

moab with mi familia

we went to
moab in may
with my

there were:

cute cabins

rock climbing


down the
colorado river...
(where dave and i
may or may not have
gotten stuck in
a rapid...i panicked...
thought i was going
to die...made dave
say a prayer...
point is, we're fine)

aside from my
dramatic meltdown
while kyaking
we had ourselves
a splendid time.

and bennett
thought the
swings and
swimming pool
next to our
cabins were
pretty sweet too.

thanks mom and dad!


Anonymous said...

All those pictures are amazing! You look like you are having so much fun and the pic of you and Bennett is pretty damn cute.

Alos- check out Dave climbing up that wall like he's Spiderman.

I'm glad you are safe and didn't die kayaking. I never would have recovered from something like that. NEVER.

Love you lots,

Stephanie-jean Weber said...

Dr. Chacha's name makes me giggle too! Gallbladder pain was by far worse than pregnancy... at least with pregnancy you know that there is a nice end result, I think that helps :D We are not sure what we are having yet, I will have an ultrasound towards the end of the month (around 18-20 weeks). Both Dan and I think this one is a girl. They checked for a gender at the last ultrasound and did not see any boy stuff, but also could not say it was a girl. We knew with Nate by this time that he was a boy! I would post pictures of Nate, but we left our camera in my Dad's car for the past month and he was out of town and then night before my surgery the car got broken into and everything was stolen :( We are hoping to be able to borrow the $250 from my dad to replace the camera before our annual beach trip at the end of the week! Hope all is well for ya'll!

Derk & Jen said...

What great pictures!! I miss you and have some clothes for your baby boy..

Laura said...

Wow...I love the photo of Dave and B on the road, you are seriously SO talented Catie!