Saturday, June 7, 2008

craft time

i have the nicest friends
they are throwing me a baby shower
cory willey has headed up the
invitation portion and i wanted
to help so this week we got all
sorts of creative and made
invitations for my shower...
we were pretty proud of ourselves
all i have to say is have you ever
seen cooler baby shower invitations?
i think not. we're thinking of
going into the business.


Stephanie-jean Weber said...

Dan says to tell you that you are "bloggerly unstable" because you have changed your blog background daily since creating your blog :D

Stephanie-jean Weber said...

LOL, I figured that it would continue to change... When Dan said that you were "bloggerly unstable" all I could think was, no she is pregnant... CHANGE IT ALL YOU WANT :D Speaking of pregnancy.... just think... if you have your baby at 37 weeks like I did... you could be having little Bennett in a month (talk about a lot of change)!