Wednesday, June 25, 2008

baby shower week

i was lucky enough to get 3, count 'em 3
baby showers last week:
bennett family shower: hilarious, i love dave's
cousins and aunts, they are so funny and
down to earth, i'm so blessed to be a part of their
family. thank you thank you for everything!
girl friend shower: all my girl friends from
highschool and up were much fun to
catch up...such cute clothes and helpful
gifts for a new girls are too good to me.
work shower: the fabulous ladies i work with threw
me a shower, hosted by dr. reading. not only did they
give me the much needed carseat along with a fantastic
brunch which we ate outside on her patio, but we went
swimming after! that's right, swimming in a nice cool
swimming pool under the blistering sun...(boys not
invited) i was in pregnant girl heaven.

what's this picture, you ask?
well it just so happens that for the girl

friend shower i made a pregnant belly
cake. i can't take all the credit,
cory helped me. i used a soccer ball cake
mold for the tummy and what did i use for
the chest?...well this is kind of how it went:

me: i got these disposable little pot pie
tins we can use.

cory: wait! i have a mold we can use
(by this time she's pulled out a
cake mold that is the exact shape
of a womans chest, from her cupboard
and is handing it to me)

me: (confused look on my face)....
why do you have....

cory: (awkward shifty eyes) i'll get out
the eggs....

okay so that's not exactly how it went,
but who just happens to have this kind
of cake mold lying around the kitchen?
cory willey that's who...and it's
because this girl is always prepared...
especially when we're having one
of our craft nights...we always seem
to have what we need. (cory, you're the
best thanks for co-hosting my lovely

shower with cute debbie.)


Anonymous said...

Lies Lies Lies. You hand crafted that breast tin and you know it.

Here's how it went:

Catie: Hey Cory. I totally made a mold of my own chest. Lets use it to make the pregnant belly cake.

Cory: Well, thats weird, but sure...why not?

Let the people know... Let the people know.

LW said...

Well, whatever the truth may be, I hope I get the chance to eat boob cake with you ladies again soon! I e-mailed you the pics, Catie, so let me know if you get them OK. Love ya both!

Lisa said...

Congrats on your baby on the way!!!
I hope you remember us, we lived next door to John and Amy.