Wednesday, June 11, 2008

pregnant belly

so i have been trying to avoid getting
my picture taken while i've been pregnant...
i haven't exactly felt like a supermodel lately
but my sweet friend, heather, lives far away
and hasn't seen me in here ya go
me in all my pregnant belly glory i made
them black and white thinking it would make
me look less....huge...i should just lighten up.
this first one is of me at about 6mo. along

this next one i took today, i'm 33
weeks...actually i'm 34 weeks
because the doctor bumped me
up but just in case i carry late,
then i won't be as disappointed...
it makes sense in my mind.


Anonymous said...

Catie! My Mom and I are looking at your blog and we love these pictures! Seriously, you look beautiful.

Give Unborn Bennet Anferny Pilkington my love

Stephanie-jean Weber said...

LOL huge! HA... do you remember me at 33 weeks? I was huge! Your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!

LW said...

Catie, holy smokes! I can't believe you're having a baby. You look very cute in your preggo pictures, by the way. I am so excited for you. See you Friday!