Sunday, January 25, 2009

six mumfers

if you think this is going to
be some cheesy post about how
wonderful and perfect and
sweet and smart and funny
and handsome our baby
that can do no wrong is...

then you're right!

little b boy is six months
we can't believe how fast

he's growing and learning

he can sit up on his own

loves loves loves bath time

(or as we think he would pronounce
it: "baff time")

loves when he ge
ts to ride
on davey daddy's shoulders

is a great sleeper

he also:

started trying solid foods
babbles and laughs and screams with excitement
knows his favorite toy (baby paper...thanks tycee)
can hold on to edges and stay standing
is great for babysitters: mom & dad, betsy,
aunt debbie and cory (thank you!)
and he's hands down the sweetest and the cutest
baby. sigh...we're in love.


Derk & Jen said...

He is a doll! They grow up so fast. Enjoy....

Anonymous said...

Oh lil Bennett. I love him so much.

It's funny to think we'd sit around before he was here and not know what to expect. I didn't think at the time that he would be as wonderful as he is.

I'm excited to see him grow up. Cute post.

mccall said...

Oh, he's such a doll! He's a strong little fella! I can't believe he can stand when he holds onto things! He's so dang cute.

Alina D. said...

I think we need more "cheesy posts" about adorable Bennett! I know I give people a hard time when it's all baby central, but this is one baby I would love to see more of.

tycee said...

I'm glad Bennett loves the baby paper! I went to a baby shower on Saturday and gave diapers & wipes...useful but boring! I should order a dozen more baby papers for future gifts ;(

tycee said...

Yeah, that was supposed to be a smile wink ;) Dang emotocons