Wednesday, January 28, 2009

post traumatic stress

my title may be
a tad dramatic

but let me give
you a glimpse of
just how freaked
our little pervy
friend (peeping
juan) made me.

i couldn't bring
myself to shower for
four days...that's
right, four. days.

i finally broke down
and covered our entire
window with aluminum
foil...classy, yes?

even standing in
the tub fully clothed,
covering it up in
broad daylight
gave me the uh-oh

oh and please take
notice of our splendid
pink tile...i heart it.


Anonymous said...

This is going to sound crazy, but I like it. Something about the tin foil matched with the pink reminds me of a happy Valentine.

I'm sure you are relieved that you have my approval.

I miss you. I need some Catie time and I need it soon.

Lynze Loves... said...

Catie, that is so scary about your stalker! I can't believe it. You should keep some pepper spray next to the shampoo, just incase he comes back!!

Lisa said...

I LOVE the pink tile!! It's one of Fav things about that era!!