Tuesday, January 13, 2009

3 Important Questions - posted by Dave

1) Would you ever go sky diving?

2) Would you ever go bungee jumping?

3) Which do you consider more dangerous?

Now if you answered yes to question #1 or 2, in what countries, other than the United States, would you attempt these activities?

Its very important that I get several answers to these questions because i need to prove somebody wrong.


dave and catie said...

dave, this is catie...whatever you do, don't go bungee jumping in mexico...they just don't have the same regulations...whimper.

you already know my answer, but for the public:

sky diving...with sky diving, at least if something goes wrong i'll just die and not become a vegetable for the rest of my life...you'll thank me...you're not gonna want to change my diapers.

Stephanie-jean Weber said...

Catie you are too funny!

I say, yes, yes and bungee jumping is more dangerous! I do not know what countries I would attempt these in... but I am with Catie, I am not doing it in Mexico!

Heather said...

and I think Bungee jumping is more dangerous. I have seen too many things go wrong with the bungee jumping.
and I am a wuss so you won't ever catch me doing anything risky from high places.

Lindsey said...

Never on all accounts!! Who cares if it's dangerous--it's just crazy either way...but if I had to pick I'd say sky diving. But then you could just die and be out of your misery too if something went wrong. Kudos on that Catie.

Lisa said...

I am a scare dee cat!! If i had the guts I would go sky diving.

I would say Bungee Jumping is less dangerous, it is more controlled.

Either way, I do not want to take a chance on having to suck jello from a straw the rest of my life...

Steve and Nery said...

Bungee Jumping: Been there done that at the 49th Street Galleria, I jumped 5 times but that was 15 or 16 years ago, it was fun but I'm not likely to do it again.

Sky Diving up until a couple of years ago I wanted to do it, now I worry I would break something even if the jump went well.

So not again and probably not.

If I were to do either I doubt I would do it anywhere but in the U.S.

My motorcycle is thrill enough for me now

Steve and Nery said...

I would say bungee jumping is probably more dangerous.

Anonymous said...

No and hell no. Bungee is way more dangerous. You've got to be careful with that spine. If I had to do one of them, i'd sky dive but mostly because i can see the value and comfort in wearing a parachute while traveling via plane. The location i would pick is Germany. I'd wear some sort of uniform and pretend it was war time. It'd be very theatrical.

Alina D. said...

I just had this very same conversation! Here's what we came up with-http://www.sportscoverdirect.com offers Skydiving insurance and they list the coverage for different sports.

For example, They consider bungee jumping in the group 3 category along with boxing, american wrestling, caving, ski racing, etc etc and put skydiving in group 4. So according to them, skydiving is more dangerous.

As for my personal answers: No, Maybe, and Sky Diving. If, that's a big if, I think New Zealand or out of an air balloon would be pretty cool.

dave and catie said...

Thank you everybody for commenting- But you've failed! I was supposed to get 9 out of 10 people saying Sky Diving is more dangerous.

I do see your point though. Bungee jumping does seem really dangerous.

Before I die, I will go sky diving. However, you will not be finding me at the end of any bungee chords.

Bukran said...

There are two major reasons why bungee jumping is more dangerous than sky diving:

1. You cannot attempt sky diving your first time around solo--you must be strapped to a veteran of gravity's rigors. Your first time bungee jumping, however, is guided by little more than a carnie's advice and your own ignorance.

2. There is no backup in case of failure while bungee jumping. You are not equipped with Batman's utility belt to bail you should your aged bungee cord fail--splateroo is you. Skydiving provides a secondary chute if the first was packed by a sloppy monkey.

Notwithstanding such arguments, I would attempt both should the opportunities present themselves.

Outside of the boundaries of the USA, I would only skydive above Germany and only bungee jump in Australia (you can't deny a carnie with such an accent).