Friday, May 22, 2009

brandon + megan

as per my last post
dave had a wedding
last week and the
groom was a dear friend
of ours...and, hands down,
one of the nicest people
i've ever known.

it was super fun
to do the video
and i can't tell
you how proud i am
of dave...he really
know's how to film
the couple as themselves.
(which is evident when
you watch the bride,
megan was a hoot!)
and there is such
a sweet little antique
feel that makes
all his videos timeless.

every new video he
does always ends up
being my
without further ado...

check out my newest
favorite video


if you have good
taste at all
you'll heart it
just as much as i do.


The Haslam Family said...

thank you so much for posting this video. one of the toughest things about living away from utah has been missing my friends and missing their weddings. dave's skills are amazing. the movie made me cry. i felt like i was there

The Haslam Family said...

well hey! my favorite polynesian filipino. we're proud of you too. i was tellin dave on the phone how adorable we think bennett is. nice job on that one. we'll be in utah from the 28th of june to the 11th of july. yes i remember plenty of the good 'ole days. i miss them, and miss you too. be thinking of something fun for us to do together and feel free to share your ideas with us. thats cool that you aaron and kenna often, tell them we said hey. whats riley up to these days?