Sunday, February 14, 2010

dave, guess what?

and don't you forget it, ya hear?

and to add to the brilliance of our lovely love day...
it was bennett's first day making it through ALL
of nursery by himself...exactly one month from his first day.
(so happy i wanted to high five all the girls
in relief society as i walked in)

love my davey.
love my b boy.
thanks for giving me all the love in the world.


dave, catie, and baby "b" said...

You sweet heart. I love you so much. Every Valentines day as been amazing since I met you.

Love your Davey

Nick and Jessi said...

Congratulations on the nursery accomplishment. That is the best day ever!

SARAH T. said...

Can I be in your relief society? That is an awesome thought. Yes, super happy child. Is he now sick after being infested with other children? Pj got sick after he went to the full two hours of nursery. I just can't win.

SARAH T. said...

BTW, Dave I am so proud that you make comment on your blog. I am still waiting for Josh to figure out that I would love to see him comment on our blog.

Noelle said...

Cute, guys! Congrats to Bennett! That is spectacular. Now get ready for him being sick every week, then you being sick, then him getting sick, then Dave getting sick.. :)