Thursday, May 6, 2010


it is with heavy heart that i
let all of you know that my
sweet little konica minolta maxxum 7D
camera, bit the dust.

some of you may have noticed
my blogging both sucks and blows lately,
perhaps it is part of my grieving process...
and who wants to blog without posting
an awesome little picture?

i, so lovingly, referred to her
as "special k". we had the greatest
times together. and whenever i am
able to replace* the old girl, just know that
no fancy schmancy camera could ever
fill her shoes.

special k, you will hold a sweet little
place in my heart (this may seem like
i'm being silly...but it couldn't be
a more true statement)

*anyone want to donate $3200??
don't judge, a girl can always dream.
this would be a really great time
to be friends with oprah.


Laura G said...

Sad news and DANG, I had no idea they were so expensive....I hope you find a replacement soon, I will miss your beautiful pictures!

Anonymous said...

What a tragedy!

Noelle said...

This saddens me as well.. I anxiously await your new camera purchase for selfish reasons.