Saturday, February 7, 2009

envelopes of sweetness

miss alina d and i
got together to
kick off the
valentines season

we made shortbread
cookie hearts and
covered them in chocolate

here's miss d
rockin' the chocolate

then we stapled together
and decorated
cute little envelopes
to put them in
fancy, yes?


dave and catie said...

You guys have really got these cookies down, I must add. Delicious shortbread smothered with 3 types of melted chocolate.


Anonymous said...

WHAT you made those envelopes? Why don't we ever do something crafty together. Wouldn't that be fun? Spend one day together coming up with something fun? I would love that. By the way what are you planning to do for Valentine's Day? It is my turn to figure out something and I just have no idea. Ikes!

Lindsey said...

Nice work ladies!! Always the domestic ones.

tycee said...

Sooo cute - just the creativity I expect coming from Catie :)