Saturday, November 28, 2009

shake it, sh-shake it
a polaroid picture.


Rich said...

Awesome pictures! I love them. So does Bennett float?

Lindsey said...

Love!! Let's do Indian food this week?!?

Anonymous said...


"You gotta live a little... die a little."

Wait... those aren't the right words. You sure are cute and so is that family of yours.

P.S. Let's all save up and go after the holidays to get Indian food! I'm poor right now.

dave, catie, and baby "b" said...


even tuesdays with punjab will have to be put on hold...and that's just down right upsetting.

b and i will hop on the train in the next week or so and pay you a little visit minus punjab...yes?

i remember EXACTLY how to get to your office now...creepy right?

Derk & Jen said...

You always make your blog so cute! I love and miss you!! I also have a cute shirt Mr. Bennett.