Thursday, April 15, 2010

quotes i heart. from people i heart.


(after telling her that
we could probably just walk
to where we wanted to go)

"walk? that's how people
get kidnapped, catie."

my brother-in-law, andrew:

(after i asked him if
they wanted a griddle)

"no, i don't think so
but i love breakfast food..."

my brother, spencer:

(after telling him that
mariah carey was in the
movie "precious")

"mariah carey? she's still alive?"

alina d.:

(while taking one of her
trainers through a pretend
tour at a new job as
a wedding planner)

"...and if you're an alcoholic
we provide an open bar..."

i love you all.
thank you for
making me laugh.

(oh and jennie, i
would include a certain
conversation about
neil armstrong but i'll
let you blog about that :)


Benjamin and Jennie said...

thanks for spearing me catie!!! haha I think that will be one of those stories left untold haha

Benjamin and Jennie said...


Noelle said...

Some day I will say something funny enough to be on Catie's blog.. one can dream..

Seriously though, you hang out with really funny people, that Cory girl is knock my socks off hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Catie talking about how she got real intense with a salesman: "I went in there and I was a total hardball. "

Rich said...

Ha ha! Some great quotes. Thanks for sharing. Loved the alcoholic one!